Your weekly Auburn Zen: Self-Loathing Edition

It’s that time again, where we dig through the Auburn message boards like a Tiger fan scratching through the garbage for clean toilet paper to throw, to bring you this week’s unintentional comedy bonanza. As always, spelling and grammar errors are left in.


Should i or should i not buy bama jelly? It was 20 cents cheaper than Smuckers jelly. I was going to put it back but then read the label and it is distributed out of Birmingham. Want to support a state run company but you know it is bamarham.


I’m beginning to worry that absent a Hope-type scholarship in AL, Auburn baseball will never come close to the top teams in the league, again. We’ve hired coaches with proven records elsewhere, but the SEC is the toughest league in the land, still, and we haven’t been consistently competitive since the late 1990s, and that’s really, really sad.


Very poor taste. Obviously posted by a band fag that never strap on a jock. You don’t make jokes about guys that put their guts on the line for Auburn University & your entertainment. To then be made fun of.


Vibe? By vibe do you mean its already pretty evident that we suck?


Re: What number will Dee Liner where? whatever number Saban says he can have.


We can’t sell out the stadium as it is right now. There is no reason to expand it when we can’t sell it out. Thats just simple a fact. I would love for it to be 93k. But we can’t fill 87,500 right now.


I think auburn fans need to stop acting like psycho jealous girlfriends. You keeping asking, “you do love me right?”, and sooner or later you creep a dude out. This is Auburn, kids should want to go here, let’s act like it.


And anyone thinking [Bama] will take much of a step back, is just hoping. They aren’t going to back up, we have to step up.


I’m not so sure that the man hiring Auburn’s coaches shouldn’t be worried about his own job security. At least in my opinion. The only coach that he has hired who has proved to be successful is Chizik. And without Cam Newton, I’m not so sure he’s all that successful himself.


Auburn has a medical school. My step-dads horse was operated on there.


And finally, one Auburn fan says what all of us here are thinking:

we have the worst fans on the planet


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