Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Recruiting Edition


It’s that time again, where we break the sanitized seal on the Auburn fanbase and see what it smells like, with a look at what they’re saying on the Auburn message boards. As always, spelling and grammar errors are in the original text.


It is amazing, the level we are recruiting at right now. I have only really followed recruiting for 4 or 5 years now. At first just magazines here and there, and now ITT.


why is it so hard for us to get a copy of the Aday game or even the highlights? Shouldnt these things be provided by this site?


We could have been college football’s laughing stock coming off the BCSNC. Just WHEW!!! How quickly we forget. Might have also ruined a darn good recruiting class. And NOW look at our momentum


Our O will match our D for the first time since CGC has been at AU.


Talked with ex-coach Ted Roof today. He was out recruiting our area for Penn St. Mentioned that State College reminds him of Auburn.


They know they are going to lose Foster. To save face, Liner just became even more important to them than he was before. If they are going to lose one (a BIG one at that) to AU, they will make it their mission to see we lose a BIG one to them. That is how their little brains work.


Reuben was over my house for the Mayweather fight with my gf’s brother..All of us were having heated, but friendly discussions bout AU & UA football and recruiting..When he spoke of Bama he said “We & us” & compared hisself to Hightower mostly BC of his size (RF is quite a big boy especially for a high school LB)..He did say he liked the AU coaching staff thou..Others were giving their opinions bout where he should go, but I told him both are good schools overall.They could get him to where he strives to get to in the future, and go where he felt the most comfortable with the players & coaches cuz he had to be there for 4yrs..Seemed to bea good, young man..He did say he thought GA high school football was better than AL’s.


I bet the coaching staff told him to commit to bama just so he could flip to us …for pay back


I dont see how that could be a violation. If he is best friends with them, the NCAA rules shouldnt affect his personnal life with his friends. I see a lot of pool and steak dinners at the Lupe and Troop houses over the next 10 months. I dont see anyway, unless something drastic happens, that Foster ends up anywhere but Auburn. Im sure Foster’s parents are going to have a STRONG relationship with the Taylors and Lupers after it is all said and done.


What to watch for. The M.O. of the rec [Red Elephant Club] is to improve the life circumstances of the recruit’s family. These guys love their moms and dads, as they should, and it’s difficult for them to say ‘no’ to a situation wherein the mom (and/or dad) gets cash, a stipend, a new job, rent free living, a leased vehicle, etc.
I have eaten human remains to destroy evidence before. Let me know if my services will be needed.


And finally, one fan thinks the recruiting shenanigans are a little over the top:


Good lord, this is like a super-secret first grade treehouse club with secret names and passwords to get in. A big retarded adult treehouse club. …Can I join? I want to be called Nightrider X because that sounds so awesome and sinister and awesome.


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