Reuben Foster flips to Auburn: 18 year old praised for his ability to commit


As expected, Reuben Foster, who was “100 percent committed” to playing for Alabama earlier this year, said that he was “100 percent committed to Auburn” in a press conference Thursday afternoon.

The nation’s No. 2 overall football prospect for 2013 had been the subject of speculation since transferring to Auburn High School.

To our readership, we ask: how good were you at making grounded decisions when you were 18? Was delayed gratification something you were really into?

Now imagine yourself able to get dozens of reporters to descend on your high school just to hear whatever solid decision you woke up with that morning. Would that cloud your dubious teenage judgement at all?

No, this isn’t sour grapes; we wish Foster luck wherever he plays. And this 100 percent commitment may not last a month, anyway. If 18-year-olds were always held to their decisions, college football would be a lot less interesting in the summer, the divorce rate would be even higher, and parachute pants would never have gone out of style.

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  • William Boot

    Parachute pants are out?

    i kid. I kid.

    • BamaHammer

      Far be it from me to besmirch other people’s style.

  • DC199

    Nick looks sick!

    • BamaHammer

      Wouldn’t you be? Although, I’m sure he’s already working on his plans for the Auburn game…