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Alabama Football: Former Tennesee quarterback Erik Ainge tells Volunteers to step on AJ McCarron's knee

A rivalry game generally provides enough motivation as it is for a team, but for Alabama, they might have just got a little extra boost.

Former Tennessee quarterback and current radio host Erik Ainge made it clear on his radio show yesterday on Tennessee Sports Radio on what the Volunteers should do to help them defeat No. 1 Alabama.

I say it all the time. Nasty, attitude, get after it. Do something crazy. The first time AJ McCarron drops back, tell one of your boys you’ve got fifteen on this one. He’s got a sore knee, go step on it.

This comes just a week after a near-scary injury to Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s knee in a 42-10 win for the Tide at Missouri. It should also be noted that this comes just days after it was rumored that McCarron had a slightly torn meniscus; rumors that were put to rest by former Alabama quarterback Jay Barker and McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee Bonner.

This is what Bonner, who has already made quite a name for herself this week, said in an indirect reply over Twitter earlier today:


Ainge offered a response on Twitter to the criticism received by Alabama fans over his comments:


BamaHammer spoke with Ms. Bonner Friday afternoon about the dust-up, and she was blunt in her assessment of Ainge’s comments:

It is sad that anyone, especially a former player and parent of a child would ever say such comments. Glad I raised my boys better.

It might be getting a little heated in Knoxville this weekend.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Abby Bales Hines

    Oh, my gracious… Erik Ainge, you are a monster. I fully acknowledge that football is very important and, as a VT fan, I know all about the intensity of rivalry games. But, when you advocate the intentional destruction of a man’s knee, which could very well alter his life, catastrophically, I cannot call it anything but evil. You, of all people, Sir, should know- these guys are not JUST college football players- they are HUMAN BEINGS, young guys who have their entire lives, and possibly professional careers in football, ahead of them. So, if you think such a tactic would be acceptable, in order to win a SINGLE game, where DO you draw the line?? Or, in your opinion, is there ANY line you would not encourage players to cross? Do you have ANY respect for sportsmanship, or morality, whatsoever? Apparently not.

    • marinemom

      Very well said. My thoughts exactly! Ths guy should be punished and run out of HIS job for publicly suggesting such a thing.

  • Jerry

    Just what we would expect from Tenn people. They are the worst kind of thugs!