Nov 10, 2012; Auburn, AL, USA: Auburn Tigers head coach Gene Chizik gestures to his team during the fourth quarter against the Georgia Bulldogs at Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Bulldogs beat the Tigers 38-0. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-US PRESSWIRE

BandifRef: The Gene Chizik Thank You Card

Gene Chizik has done so much for us over the last few years; from turning recruits off by talking crazy about religion to completely running Auburn’s football program into the ground.

Chizik is getting a lot of heat from the Auburn fans these days. They aren’t happy with the good work he has done.  So I thought it would be a nice gesture for the Alabama fans to let Gene Chizik know how much we love and appreciate him.

I will be actually sending Gene Chizik the following thank you card on behalf of the Alabama fan base.  But what would a card be without some personal greetings and wishes of future success?

Every comment and name posted in the comment section below will be added to the card before I send it out.  Now is your chance to tell Gene Chizik exactly what he means to you.  Let him know we stand behind him, and thank him for everything he has done for us.  Keep it PG-13 folks, any offensive language will be deleted and will not be added to the card.

The main card:

My personal message:

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  • Lindsay Hughes

    Dear Gene, I sincerely hope you get at least five more years to turn things around. You deserve it after Cam won the championship for you. I know that you have a young team and after all you are fambly. I would also thank you for these gifts of wisdom that keep on giving: “What I’ve found is that a lot of times, if a guy is that good that you’re spying on him, he’s probably better than your spy guy. We’ve got to have 11 guys spying on him.” , “Size is definitely overrated. Speed is the great equalizer.”, and last but certainly not least, “First of all, I can’t be more blessed to be part of a whole team like this. Man, God was with us.”

    • Bandit Ref

      Our first message! I will add it to the card shortly, great job!

  • Stormyeee

    Coach Chizik, Thank you for returning Auburn football to the rank, position and class of the SEC. You have the program, right where its deserves to be. We knew your hiring was a gift from above. One team…One coach…One place in SEC history.

  • Rick Ramey

    Dear Gene, your team is young and that should not be held against you. In the last few years, you’ve switched offensive and defensive coordinators about as many times as you’ve switched quarterbacks this year. Again, this is not your fault! Change is good and I hope in your next few years you will have the chance to change your offense back and forth to a pro-set and back and forth to HUNH several more times. Clearly you need to hire somebody with a real pornstache to run your defense, perhaps Ron Jeremy. WDE and glad to see you are stocked up on all that toilet paper.

  • Eric Blackerby

    Gene. I love you so much. I can’t even begin to express how important you are to my health and well being, as well as that of my wife, and family, and countless friends who count on you every weekend to deliver the product to us that we have become accustomed to enjoying.

    Auburn football is important, and the depths, or valleys I should say, that you have taken it to can NOT go unnoticed.

    I mean, is there any more consistent head coach in the history of College Football? Everyone knows what they are going to get when your Tigers take the field.

    It warms my heart to see the happiness and desire with which you approach your daily activities as the head football coach at Auburn University. You are the MAN down there. You’re a dang ROCK STAR on that campus (I mean, you MUST be, right?)

    I’m gonna go back in history a little bit and tell you a little about myself personally and why this rivalry, and where you have taken it, means so much to me.

    I was 3 years old the first time I remember watching College Football. I was watching guys like Cornelius Bennett and Derrick Thomas. You know, guys like Nick Fairley. But anyway, each of those Saturday mornings I would spend with my granddaddy who raised me, watching Alabama and Auburn football games and cheering for the Tide. It was almost a religion to me and Granddaddy. I know you understand.

    As I would grow into my teen years, I would learn that there were actually other people that felt about Auburn the way that my Granddaddy taught me to feel about Alabama. People actually LOVE Auburn too!!!! And that’s why you are so important. YOU love Auburn. I’ve never seen an Auburn coach who loves Auburn so much. You’re like a little kid leading your middle school aged brothers and cousins into a futile battle with the varsity football team every week. Everyone knows what the final result will be on the scoreboard, but that is irrelevant. What matters is the love you show for everyone around you and how much you put into it.

    You put ALOT into it, and I for one, TRULY appreciate everything you do.

    Fast forward to my adult years. In 2005, I started working at a job where I made friends with a bunch of guys who were Auburn fans. At that time, which you had been PART OF!!! At that time, Auburn was the better team in the state on a yearly basis. We lost like 15 games in a couple years in 03 and 04. It seems like it was 20. You must know that feeling now.

    But like you, I stuck with my team and loved them, despite the constant pressure and taunts from my friends at work who represented the bigger, stronger, faster program at the time.

    By 2010, I had become a raging alcoholic. I had ballooned to 325 lbs. Cam Newton almost killed me. I drank a case of beer (OR MORE) every night for a year or so after that season. This past May, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 228/121. I was on the fast track to an early death.

    But then you saved me, Gene. I do not exaggerate. You saved my LIFE. The great work that you have done this season has not only lowered my blood pressure, but I have lost 75 lbs since I went to the doctor. My blood pressure is almost normal. I don’t even WORRY about Alabama losing games to Auburn or anyone else anymore.

    I know we just lost to Texas A&M (The new land grant cow college on the block), but everyone loses from time to time. You can’t be perfect forever.

    And that’s where you come in. You’re not perfect. You never will be. Heck, if not for Cam Newton, you’d never have known championship glory

    But YOU are responsible for bring Cam to the Plains, and YOU are responsible for the Auburn Family enjoying that year, and nobody should EVER forget that.

    Auburn hadn’t won a Title in 50 something YEARS before you came along and you changed that.

    We live in a country that just elected Barack Obama to 4 more years as President. I see no reason we can’t do the same for you. You deserve it. As the great, life saving, soul restoring man you are, you DESERVE that much.

    Roll Gene Roll Tide Roll America,

    Eric Blackerby

  • Matt

    Hopefully you won’t be fired but if so we will miss you and your leather jacket forever. Keep your head held high. You’ve have been wronged by energy vampires and satanists like Jacobs and Gouge.

  • Shadow

    Gene, Gene Toomers’ oaks are not dead.
    Some leaves are still green.
    But the fans are so low
    You can see them and know
    Get out of the pasture Gene.

    Leave with my eternal gratitude for making this and last season so entertaining that the memory of Cam Newton and that unusual season is now comical. Thank you, we see the truth that Aubarn fans and graduates are so obsessed with their little brother role they have resorted to papering the trees in celebration of things others achieve.
    Situation normal, Aubarn still sucks,
    So shall it be,

  • Karen Smith

    I hope the “family” is not giving up on you this soon. If they fire you I will miss the following things…. The way you part your hair…..The way you chew gum…..The barber smock..and those elastic waist pants

  • Jim Brown

    Coach Chizik,
    I for one think that you should be rewarded with a lifetime contract. You are a shining example of all that is right with college football, namely Auburn getting spanked week in and week out. And no one person in the history of the world has done as much for the barber smock as have you. To coin a phrase from the popular ling of the time, “you wearing that smock girl!”.
    Also,the way that you can yell at everyone on the sideline without ever showing evidence of a single tooth? Pure genius! I hope to see yourself and your crack (addict?) staff patrolling the sidelines at the Barn for many years to come.

  • Deepbunk

    I’m not one to kick a man while he’s down, so lets go back two years. How you cheated your way to a national championship, that was Ausome. Your strength of cultivating the right mix of religion, sex, armed robbery, appealing to gang members, general douchery at auburn, all the while without teeth is amazing. While reading your book, which I got for 50 cents out of the crap bin, I was amazed how much it sucked compared to Nick’s book. It was as if you were selling a Ponzi scheme and he was… oh, you’ve heard that before. I bet your butt puckered while watching that hbo special, knowing you we’re the coach that was delivering bags of cash. But, hey you always have your pillow. At least your wife isn’t crazy, …. Oh wait. Man I really hope they keep you. If you do get fired, enjoy coaching high school, I know where you can get the Tony Franklin System really cheap. Thanks for the memories. We love you man.

  • James E. Hooper

    Gene, You have really given 1000% to the Auburn Tigers. Here’s wishing you several more years of escalating success!!!

  • SJ Vaughn

    Thank you so much for reminding me that karma truly is a b*t*h, and that if you sit by the river long enough you truly do get to see your enemies float by!! I have taken great pleasure watching you and the barn fambly float by! Looks like little Scam is feeling the effects of Karma also! Thanks for single-handedly shutting up all the barners that I have to tolerate day in and day out! You’re awesome.

  • harebryant

    Hannibal. Patton. Reagan. Kennedy. Chizik. Inspiring leaders of men, one and all. Some think of football as merely a game, but not you Mean Gene, you take football and transform it into something more, something higher. The way you took a cult like fanbase, a creepy wannabe messianic figure, and a check for $180K and combined them into a lighting in a bottle fluke of a season was nothing short of remarkable. With you at the helm the Auburn faithful will surely not have to wait another 50 years for their next national championship. If you keep at it then I am confident that it will only take 40 years, 45 tops. Don’t let the cynics and the critics get you down Gene, you keep fighting the good fight. No matter how many games you lose, how many players get arrested or how many birds fly into the press box wall don’t let it get you down. You are the man for the job and everyone in Tide nation is behind you. War Damn Winless in the SEC!