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Auburn Football: Iron Bowl Week Begins With Toomer's Trees Ablaze

The Alabama-Auburn rivalry always heats up this time of year regardless of the teams’ records, but this is a bit much.

According to a report from the Auburn Plainsman, toilet paper hanging from the Toomer’s oaks in Auburn mysteriously caught fire Saturday night, in the hours after losses by Kansas State and Oregon catapulted the Crimson Tide back into the thick of the hunt for the BCS National Championship.

Auburn fans famously take to the streets on Toomer’s Corner in Auburn after a victory by the Tigers to toilet paper the oak trees lining the streets. Auburn defeated Alabama A&M 51-7 on Saturday for their third win of the season.

Police say the toilet paper caught fire sometime after 3:00 am Sunday morning. No cause for the fire was given. The fire was quickly extinguished by the local fire department.

The Tigers travel to Tuscaloosa on November 24 to face Alabama in their traditional rivalry game.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Debbie Fells

    I’m bout sick of hearing about these damn trees. Blame Alabama fans with absolutely no evidence to support it, that’s the AU way.

    • Caroline

      Debbie, you realize this is an Alabama website right? That this is someone associated with your University talking about the Auburn trees and the Alabama fans in the same article.. So its actually a bit hypocritical of you stereotype this as the “AU way”. It goes both ways.

  • Renda M Carr

    Wow, Dear Reporter why make this about Auburn and Alabama????? Why hint, suggest that it is because the Ironbowl is next weekend that these trees were ignited??? To the Auburn Family, Toomers for Tuscaloosa etc. This Alabama Fan truely hopes you all find out who set the toilet paper on fire and they are punished for doing it.; I say give em the UPDYKE Uppa the ole nose …. To the Alabama Family!!! Roll Tide Roll and always use non-flammable toilet paper when rolling… ;) Roll Tide!!!

  • Kevin Howard

    For all the love, those trees are hangers for shit paper when they win…so they are seldom used anyway. Maybe try to…get a win, get a coach, get new excuses, and MAKE SOME MULCH out of those babies!!! Sorry, just completely out of tree love.

    • quark1

      Ummmm…. Kevin…. There is a statue in Alabama that does nothing but collect bird crap….. If your logic were accurate, it would apply equally to the statue…. How do you think that idea would go over?

      • Kevin Howard

        Yep I agree, great analogy…as you compare the auburn fans to a mindless flock of birds with crap to offer. It reminds me of the old adage “pickin shit with the chickens”…excellent point, Bird Brain.

        • quark1

          Wow. From the tone of your comments, I can only assume you are still in high school? Surely not yet in college and still being so childish…

          I was simply pointing out that you saying it is okay to vandalize the trees because they only hold ‘shit paper’ is no different than someone else saying it is okay to vandalize the statue because pigeons crap on it. Intending to indicate that no one with any sense would agree….

          Btw, there is a very expensive project going right now that is going to disappoint some very smart people when they find out you’ve already determined the existence of quarks is unproven. (Google Large Hadron Collider)

          Auch, Ich kenne Quark Käse. Es schmeckt mir gut.

      • Kevin Howard

        P.s. by the way Quark1, I’m sure you know but quark is a term that describes particles of matter that are so small and insignificant, it is difficult to prove they even exist. But there is a German word that just means stinky cheese. Thanks for making it easy, Oh Insignificant Cheese Ball.

  • Joseph Boe

    As #1) a BAMA fan, #2) an SEC football fan, and #3) a college football fan this ticks me off. College football is so much fun exactly BECAUSE of the goofball traditions, writ-in-blood rivalries, etc. etc., etc. that accompany all that just plain great, innovative and exciting football (something the NFL lacks altogether).

    That a**wipe who poisoned Toomer’s Trees ought to have been tarred and feathered – literally. They should have literally brought him to Toomer’s Corner on a bright Saturday morning in the fall, stripped him naked, tarred him, dumped feathers on him and walked him through the town on a leash and let every man, woman and child who cared to, kick him in the balls, in the ass…whatever, then made him walk home with his hands tied behind his back.

    Seriously, what kind of miserable a – hole does something so ridiculous? Public shaming needs to make a comeback.

    Whomever set the TP on fire should get the same treatment. And that goes for all the other idiots across the country that do stupid, destructive crap like this. You want to mess with a team? steal their mascot and ransom it, get your mascot to tackle their mascot on the 50 yrd line. Dramatic but not destructive.