Auburn Football: Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Gus Bus Edition

Last week was a roller coaster for Auburn fans. After speculation that Bobby ‘Easy Rider’ Petrino would be the next head coach, Auburn went back to the future by hiring former offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. Malzahn began what we think was a carefully-orchestrated purge of the old staff, including everyone’s favorite towel waver. The reaction from the fan base was wacky as usual, and this week we’ve included the reaction of the Arkansas State fan base [in red] to Malzahn’s heading for greener, well, pastures. As ever, spelling and grammar errors are in the originals.

GET REAL. There is no way we consider Gus malzahn. Do you understand what is at stake? You don’t think Jacobs sees that too?!?!?!


You lied Gus. You lied to everyone. Get the he’ll out of Jonesboro.


I hope we struck out with everyone else.


F*** malzahn and his couch


More undisciplined, lazy players. Yea.


I agree! He is just another SCUMBAG Coach, I am discovering the profession is full of them at all levels. I have rooted for him ever since he broke into college football; no more, I hope the rest of his days are filled with failure. All the bulls… talking points. I am sure he has a bunch more he uses with the team; all bulls…. He is a first class LIAR with no remorse, no conscious. I hope we can capitalize on our success. Sadly, the next guy will probably have the same pathetic qualities.


We needed a search committee to hire Gus Malzahn. FAIL


Fix the bike, hire Bobby, and let’s go kick Gus’ ass in September.  Let’s show Mr. “Next Level” we mean business around here….


We are so fricking pathetic


People say we can’t get donors now that Gus is gone. I call BS. Bobby Petrino may have burned some bridges in this state but I bet there are some left. Also Malzahn is a lower pos than petrino and that’s saying something.


What a damn joke. Screw this university, screw our “search committee” and screw our athletic department. Alabama is in its 3rd national title game in 4 years, and we answer with Gus Malzahn. After we just fired a 5-19 coach. What an embarrassment.


The only gripe I have with Malzahn is that he specifically said he was going to be here long-term.  Even said people saying he was leaving at the end of the season didn’t know him very well.


What a slap in the face to Chizik.

So he is coaching the GD Bowl game ??


Way to go! At least I know I won’t need to waste as much time on Auburn Football now, I mean, the AD doesn’t, why should I?


If I ever get the chance, I’ll tell that bastard to his face exactly what I think of him as a man.  I wouldn’t give him a poke in the nose because I believe he has no spine and I don’t want to be accused of beating up a weak, spineless, scumbag just because I can.


What a fricking joke. Another yes man. Nothing changes at all around here.


I would prefer crap not be associated with ASU, unless its honest crap like Bobby P.


I expect he’ll do some goofy dick thing where we have co-offensive coordinators with lashlee and troop fililng that spot. Hopefully they don’t get along so we can hear more about coaching squabbles.


It was sickening to see him tell Auburn the same things he told us just a year ago.  And then to hear the Auburn AD say that he’s a man of integrity and “a man of his word”.  I don’t want that lying sack of shit anywhere near our sideline.


So basically keep the program the same and change the offense to 2010? Sure sounds like a recipe for success


You don’t turn command of the platoon back over to a guy who was just convicted of treason.


i hope arky state hires petrino and goes to a damn bcs game next season…with a less talented roster.


I don’t want that liar to take our squad to Mobile, AL just to use them to recruit for Auburn


As much as I hate this hire and the people that made it, don’t blame Jacobs or this “committee.” Jacobs is incompetent as an AD. He is what he is. Gogue had the opportunity to fire him like he should’ve, and he didn’t. Jacobs didn’t hire himself, and he didn’t keep himself around. Our president did. And because of that, JJ headed this search and hired a “search committee” to hire freakin’ Gus Malzahn.


We hardly remeber ye defense. Gone are the days of slobber-knockers and defensive fights. Never again will Auburn have the #1 ranked defense in the nation. Teams will no longer fear playing Auburn. Now are the times of “we want he ball back, even if it means the other team scores” direct quoe from Malzahn at a coaching conference in Nashville in Feb.  And who can we thank for this? None other than retard Jay Jacobs.


Goodbye Foster, Liner, Lawson. Good luck wherever you land.


I think the higher ups just wanted someone they could control. They probably picked him and just interviewed others to keep the fans happy. I will support him but I hope he will put his foot down on the higher ups and the players or we will be looking for a new hc in 3 years.


We better start off season workouts now and get this defense prepared to be on the field a lot.


Well guys I am proud of my Auburn engineering education but that is it. I am incredibly embarrassed today. frick you JJ go to hell. I am not supporting this shite show. I no longer give a frick about Auburn football because its clear the people in charge don’t either. frick you Gouge, frick you JJ, frick you lazy arse team that will continue to embarrass us. frick everyone that thinks this hire isn’t a piece of shite. And frick you Gus we don’t want you.


And then Trooper Taylor was given the heave-ho:

Just got a call from a Bama friend. He just told me Trooper is interviewing at Bama. He is pissed! I laughed because they have talked about how dirty he is and every coach in college football knows it.


Looks like we will become the “War Eagles” after all. Aubie got his pink slip tonight. Next in line? I hear Gus is going to chop down the Toomers Stumps himself.


In other news, the bird just flew into another window and offed himself to avoid his morning meeting with Gus.


Trooper’s a hell of a recruiter. I kind of wished we would have moved him off the field and named him recruiting coordinator or something. I think his strength in recruiting was being all buddy buddy with the guys, and I also think that stripped away accountability and fear from the players and hurt us in the long run. Players should respect and follow the coaches as coaches, not as buddies.


Foster didn’t say he for sure wasn’t coming to AU without Taylor though so who knows? I mean he has a tattoo


Everybody on here talking about they glad trooper is gone, and my question for you is why? When recruiting season rolls around and you all want all those 4 stars and 5 star players you will be looking sad. Troop brought in some of the best athletes in the country to auburn. Trooper Taylor was not the problem at Auburn. Trooper didn’t coach the offensive line that couldn’t block for nobody to get a pass off to his wide receivers. I don’t care if we had Cam this year we would have still been terrible. Trooper didn’t call those horrible plays we ran. Trooper didn’t have nothing to do with that horrible defense we had. If you all are against trooper for making some mistakes in recruiting you are a fool because he was doing everything every other university does to get recruits to Auburn. So, please stop with all the Trooper Taylor bashing because he was not the problem and if he leaves you will see the difference come February every year


Without a doubt the worst wr COACH in the sec


it seems clear that anything positive that happend with/to our receivers was done in spite of or before trooper and everything negative is unequivocally his fault.


And then Reuben Foster decommitted:

Where is his mom going to work now?


I’m suprised he pulled his head out of Troopers arse long enough to let it be known.


First of many. This class is about to take a hit.


If that’s the only reason he committed, then he needs to go. Hope he knows a good tatoo removal place.


His new leader is whoever gives Trooper the first interview


Fine. Anyone who saw the product Chizik and Taylor put on the field and said “I want to play for that” can leave.


Trooper wasn’t even his position coach. Tells you all you need to know right there.


I agree somewhat with the sentiment that we don’t want players who aren’t committed to Auburn. But It sure will suck when we have a team full of players that want to be at Auburn who get raped by LSU, Georgia, and Bama on a regular basis.

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