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Atlanta Media Dials Up Hypocrisy Over Quinton Dial Hit

Jeff Shultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a hypocrite. Then again, so is Furman Bisher and most of the Atlanta sports media. But those are stories for another day. Today the story is Shultz.

Three years ago, in the aftermath of the Georgia-Florida game, Shultz had this to say about Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes’ eye-gouging of a Georgia player.

Florida coach Urban Meyer’s apparent policy on eye-gouging is now clear. Only a successful blinding or maiming can result in a full-game suspension.

Shultz was evidently mourning the 41-17 Dawg-pounding Georgia took against the Gators. He went on to say that Meyer “suspended Brandon Spikes for only the first half of the Gators’ next game,” clearly insinuating that such a short suspension was nowhere nearly enough.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when Shultz’ home-state team lost yet another meaningful game – mainly because its defense rolled over and played dead. When Georgia CB Sheldon Dawson eye-gouged Alabama’s Dee Milliner the SEC title game in Atlanta, Shultz barely mentioned it. Instead, he did what most savvy, agenda-driven journalists do. He deflected. Quinton Dial’s hit on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray not only became the most questionable hit of the game. It became the only questionable hit of the game.

I am not suggesting that Dial’s hit was flagrant; It wasn’t. My conclusions are similar to the SEC office, which declined to take any action whatsoever because no action was warranted. Aaron Murray himself said he thought the hit was clean.

Shultz obviously disagrees, and he’s a hypocrite for doing so. Rather than boldly address the eye-gouging or even the severe helmet-to-helmet hit on Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron in the second quarter, Shultz put all of his limited brain power into the Dial hit.

It’s no mystery why Shultz, Tim Brando and “professionals” like them have taken up the “Suspend Quinton Dial” mantra. They, like most of America, are sick and tired of Alabama winning national titles against their team or their league. There can be no other explanation other than stupidity – a push for ratings would fall under the hypocrisy label – and neither I nor anyone else can attach that label to either with a straight face.

No, this smacks of agenda-driven media – and to be blunt, jealousy – with Alabama being the source of that envy.

Most thinking people, including those in the SEC office, saw no real difference in any of the three plays I just recounted. All were reviewed. No one was suspended by the league. That is as it should be. But to hear a handful of whiny, jealous, agenda-driven media types, Dial and Dial alone should be suspended.

These self-proclaimed journalists ought to be ashamed of themselves. Quinton Dial is about to play in his last college game. If self-righteous, agenda-driven media members had their way, he’d be watching from the sidelines while other eye-gougers and head-bangers were playing out the string in Orlando.

Talk about targeting a defenseless player.

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  • Scott100

    So true there is so much hate against bama these days wow! Im tired of the Tim Brandos of the world and their hatorade.Im more than tired of CBS and their bias inept and old stumbling commentators they use for sec games.

  • Tim Armstrong

    Verne just needs to go hide somewhere i don’t really care where. As far as the hit on Murray, what about the helmet to helmet to A.J.? Didn’t even know about the eye gouge of Dee M., so maybe you sore loosers should just shut up and go away too’ lol. Haters gonna hate!

  • RTRAtl

    C’mon, we’re talking about the AJC (Atlanta urinal and constipation). It is all about bed-wetting, booger-eating, tree hugging, leftist cry babies. As an Atlanta resident, nobody gives a rats behind what these losers proclaim- this paper has not been successful or relevant for many years. RTR!

  • Jerry Morris

    Sooner or later all these Bama haters will have to eat crow when we win #15. The best way to shut them up till then is to just laugh at them. We all know they are totally jealous. Better to enjoy the wins we have and not get our blood pressure up over clowns. Let them all rant till they run out of energy. Just laugh…

  • Robert Baird

    The day Tim Brandumb starts calling Alabama games for CBS will be the day I turn the TV volumn down and the radio,Eli, volume up!