Jan. 3, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA: Detailed view of a BCS logo during the game between the Oregon Ducks against the Kansas State Wildcats during the 2013 Fiesta Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium. Oregon defeated Kansas State 35-17. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama Football: Alabama Crimson Tide Ranked Second In Colley Matrix

The newest and final BCS Rankings have come out, with the Alabama Crimson Tide claiming the No. 1 spot after destroying the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame 42-14 in the championship game in Miami. This final ranking is merely a formality for the top two teams. They decided on the field who was the better team, and not even the soulless BCS computers could screw that up.

Well, maybe one could.

The Colley Matrix, which is one of the six computer rankings the Bowl Championship Series uses in its formula to determine the top two teams, released its final ranking today. The Colley Matrix has Notre Dame ranked No. 1 in front of Alabama by approximately .013 percentage points.

Colley also has two-loss Florida, who was embarrassed by Louisville in the Sugar Bowl, ranked fourth, ahead of one-loss Fiesta Bowl Champions Oregon.

Each computer system the BCS employs uses a different algorithm to determine the best teams in the country. The Sagarin Poll is probably the most famous in the BCS: College basketball also uses Jeff Sagarin’s systems to rank college basketball teams, and it is these rankings that selection committees use to determine who will dance in March.

I wouldn’t begin to be able to explain how any of this works, but I do know The Colley Matrix does not take into account margin of victory or strength of schedule, which is logically absurd. Clearly the Colley Matrix has some explaining to do.

Congratulations, Notre Dame, you are the 2013 Colley Matrix National Champions.

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  • http://twitter.com/crmccarty87 Cory McCarty

    I don’t wanna sound like I’m promoting ND here or anything but if you look at the season, ND has 1 loss and so does Alabama. ND’s one loss is to the #2 team. Alabama’s is to the #4 or #5 team (can’t remember off the top of my head). So technically, the top two one-loss teams are ranked according to which loss looks better (ignoring margin of victory). So it sorta makes sense IF (and only if) you look at it through the constraints that the BCS system puts on their computers.

  • Michael Wanninger

    Now we need to get Notre Dame claim this poll and a National Championship for 2012. Then we no longer have to defend/explain the Alabama claim of a 1941 Championship. They should do it to make up for the 1966 steal.