February 4, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; NFL former quarterback Joe Namath on the red carpet at the inaugural NFL honors red carpet and awards show at the Old National Centre. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Who Is The Greatest Alabama Football Player Ever? Introducing the BamaHammer Players Championship

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We’ve all had the conversation. Who is the better Alabama quarterback; Joe Namath or AJ McCarron? How would Eddie Lacy do against Derrick Thomas? Who was the greatest Crimson Tide football player of all time?

We’re going to find out, and you’re going to help us.

Introducing the BamaHammer Players Championship, a 64-man tournament to decide who is the greatest player ever to don the crimson jersey. You the fans will decide each matchup with your votes, all the way to the championship.

To decide who wears the crown once and for all, we’ve broken our bracket into four regions, named for four of Alabama’s legendary coaches. Each region contains 16 players, and we’ve matched them up from seeds 1 through 8. You can click the graphic above for a super-sized version you can print and use to keep track, but here are how the regions shake out.

Bryant Division – Quarterbacks vs. Special Teams

  • 1. Joe Namath
  • 2. Kenny Stabler
  • 3. Jay Barker
  • 4. Harry Gilmer
  • 5. AJ McCarron
  • 6. Pat Trammell
  • 7. Steve Sloan
  •  8. Jeff Rutledge


  • 1. Leigh Tiffin
  • 2. Van Tiffin
  • 3. Phillip Doyle
  • 4. Javier Arenas
  • 5. Michael Proctor
  • 6. Jeremy Shelley
  • 7. Marquis Maze
  • 8. Arvin Richard


Saban Division – Running Backs vs. Linebackers

  • 1. Mark Ingram
  • 2. Bobby Humphry
  • 3  Trent Richardson
  • 4. Johnny Musso
  • 5. Shaun Alexander
  • 6. Johny “Mack” Brown
  • 7. Eddie Lacy
  • 8. Wilbur Jackson
  • 1. Derrick Thomas
  • 2. C. Bennett
  • 3. Rolando McClain
  • 4. LeeRoy Jordan
  • 5. Demeco Ryans
  • 6. Woodrow Lowe
  • 7. Donta’ Hightower
  • 8. Barry Krauss


Stallings Division – Defensive Line vs. Offensive Line

  • 1. Leroy Cook
  • 2. Marty Lyons
  • 3. Terrence Cody
  • 4. Eric Curry
  • 5. John Copeland
  • 6. E.J. Junior
  • 7. Mike Pitts
  • 8. Robert Stewart


  • 1. John Hannah
  • 2. Barrett Jones
  • 3. Chris Samuels
  • 4. Billy Neighbors
  • 5. Dwight Stephenson
  • 6. Chance Warmack
  • 7. Sylvester Croom
  • 8. Andre Smith


Wade Division – Defensive Backs vs. Wide Receivers

  • 1. Antonio Langham
  • 2. Tommy Wilcox
  • 3. Mark Barron
  • 4. John Mangum
  • 5. Jeremiah Castille
  • 6. George Teague
  • 7. Bobby Johns
  • 8. Rashad Johnson
  • 1. Don Hutson
  • 2. Julio Jones
  • 3. Ozzie Newsome
  • 4. David Palmer
  • 5. Ray Perkins
  • 6. DJ Hall
  • 7. Dennis Homan
  • 8. David Bailey

Narrowing it to just 64 players in Crimson Tide history was no easy task. Did we leave out an obvious pick? Let us know.

The first matchup begins tomorrow afternoon, so start boning up on your Alabama football history, and get ready to vote.

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  • Brad Pennington

    How is Lane Bearden not on this list??!! He was one of the toughest S.O.B.’s to ever wear the crimson and white. Punted most of one season with a torn ACL and STILL lit people up and put the punts where they needed to be.

    • Rogue Elephant

      This Best Player Ever idea sucks.

      Big time.

      For one thing, no matter which players make the list for voters to consider, some possibly more deserving players are always going to be omitted.

      For another, there’s a reason Bama’s known as The Crimson Tide.

      Not tigers.

      Not bulldogs.


      One cohesive group playing on an unstoppable unit, on offense and defense.

      There’s a reason Bama’s only won one Heisman.

      And why we may never win another.

      Team comes first.

      And foremost.

      But, we can damn sure win some NCs, can’t we.

      • BamaHammer

        I really, really like this kind of fire. And I agree as far as it goes. I’m glad that coach Saban, as did coach Bryant, sees the team as a unit, not as individuals. But we’re first and foremost fans, and fans debate and argue and analyze. And we love knowing what you guys think about all things Tide. This is the sort of discussion we hoped this would generate. Well done sir.

    • BamaHammer

      For the record, I think Bearden is a pretty big omission. That guy was one of the toughest guys I ever saw play for the Tide.

      • JeffHenthorn

        Couldn’t agree more. In terms of being a fan favorite, hes right up there with Terrance Cody. Universally respected.