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4 Alabama Football Players Arrested on Robbery Charges

UPDATE 8:55 - Eddie Williams, a defensive back who was getting a look at a wide receiver, was also charged on February 10 with carrying a pistol without a license. It’s not known whether this charge led to the other arrests.

Four Alabama Crimson Tide football players were arrested Monday on charges of second degree robbery.

The Jailbase website notes that Eddie Williams, Dennis Pettway, Tyler Hayes and Brent Calloway were booked on charges of second degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card.

We contacted the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department and they had no comment at the time.

According to the Alabama Criminal Code, if convicted of second degree robbery, a defendant can face a minimum of 2 years with a maximum of 20 years. If a weapon is involved, the minimum goes to ten years.

All four players are sophomores who have seen action on the field in 2012, and with the possible exception of Calloway, were expected to contribute in 2013.

We wrote previously about Calloway’s troubles with the law, and hoped this would serve as a wakeup call. While all the facts are not yet in, this does not look good for the football program and head coach Nick Saban will have some decisions to make very soon.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • William Boot

    IMO, the decision is pretty clear. They should all be let go from the team. Even if they do not serve time, they should have to resume their careers at the JUCO level.

  • BourbonGhost

    I don’t even…. just ugh.

  • The source

    All the bama fans loving and laughing at AU and now look. Even down to the number of players arrested. I hope we see that this is never funny, regardless of who school it is.

    • William Boot

      No, it is never funny but is is news. It was news when it happened down in suburban Opelika and it is news here too. Is this indicative of problems in the program at UA? I don’t think so. Was it down there? Perhaps. We will never know.

  • optomist14

    Four less families in Pasadena, better chances of getting tickets!

  • Gangnam Djumv Stylee


  • chiefridgy

    Stupid idiots

  • Saint Nick


  • ArrowFan

    These guys had everything going for them and they pull something stupid like this, idiots.

  • Account

    No one would have heard of this if UA didn’t need to reduce head count due to over signing.

  • Cowgirlcas22

    60 minutes and SI teamed up to do an investigation a while back in hopes
    that schools would start doing criminal background checks on potential
    players. TCU was the only school in the nation that didn’t have
    convicted felons on their team. It’s time to stop giving common
    criminals a free ride just because they can play sports. They are
    jeopardizing the safety and welfare of the other students who are
    actually trying to get an education. Not a free ride to millions in the
    NFL. Nick Saban should be ashamed of himself for allowing thugs on his
    football team and should be held accountable. Is Winning really that important?

    • BourbonGhost

      The only team without a convicted felon? I somehow find that highly doubtful. Hard for any team to have a convicted felon considering the average age of most players is somewhere around 20-21. Most convicted felons spend a few years in prison, and thus, aren’t that young when they come out.

  • geaux tigers


  • Cole Troupe

    If they’re going to act like Auburn players, then they can play for Auburn. This is NOT what bama stands for. RTR

  • The Boot

    This is worst then what the “honey badger” did and people were bashing on him a lot, LSU!!

  • JJ

    … innocent until proven guilty people…. only one that is definitely going to get in trouble is the one carrying w/o permit and he will plea that down in court…. I love how its instantly mob justice, maybe we should bring back hanging, and hang the friggin mob…

    • BamaHammer

      Discussion among sports fans can always get overheated. Nobody is suggesting a lynch mob, but it’s clear that action will be taken. The facts of the case don’t appear to be in dispute, and coach Saban has already taken action. Now the justice system will run its course. We do hope the young men learn from this, and decide to choose a different path going forward.

  • leadfolloworgetout

    You beat up on YOUR OWN STUDENTS? WTF?

  • Cowgirlcas22

    @BourbonGhost read it for yourself:

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