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Alabama News: UAPD Breaks Up Harlem Shake Event On Quad

University of Alabama students attempted to film their own version of the popular Harlem Shake videos that have been popping up on YouTube lately, but the crowd was dispersed before any filming could be done.

According the Crimson White, the university’s student-run newspaper, University of Alabama police broke up the crowd on the quad and the event’s organizer, Nojan Rafdar, was ticketed for not obtaining a official University permission to assemble. UA Policy explains that you need to obtain a Grounds Use permit in order for events to be held on the Quad and other areas of campus, according to a statement from UA Spokeswoman Cathy Andreen sent to the newspaper.

“Unfortunately, the students who organized this event were not aware of the policy; however, they will be able to apply for a permit and hold the event at a later date,” Andeen said.

Rafdar was upset that the event was broken up, but he also was concerned that he could be expelled for not obtaining the permit beforehand. He was apparently told not to talk to any media regarding the incident. “They told me not to talk to the press. As of right now, I just have a ticket, but I’m worried I could be expelled,” Rafdar said.

Rafdar also said that if he is not expelled, he would like to try again to organize another Harlem Shake, this time with a grounds use permit.

Earlier in the week, the official UA Athletics student section group, Crimson Chaos, organized a Harlem Shake during the South Carolina men’s basketball game this past Saturday. Below is the video posted by them on their official YouTube page.

UPDATED: A video of the event that occurred was posted on YouTube earlier today. Thanks to Jared for sharing this with us.

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