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NFL Football: Eddie Lacy Faces a Different Approach to Football

Eddie Lacy is a big, powerful running back. Many experts on the NFL draft have suggested the former Alabama star may be the only running back taken in the first round. No one knows for sure where any player will go in the draft, but there are a few factors that are making it harder for a good running back to make it to the next level.

The new safety rules in the NFL make it illegal for a back to smash into a defender with his helmet in an open field. Player safety is important, but rule changes are often very broad and take years to revise down to a suitable level. Whether this rule will take even more emphasis off of the running game is hard to say. The NFL has almost turned into arena ball with the pass oriented game anyway but, as Lacy points out in this article on Fox, there are some times that you simply can’t be effective passing the ball.

Lacy has been known to plant defenders in the dirt, of course, but he has his spin move and his speed working in his favor – not just his strength. This is why he has caught the attention of several NFL coaches. Pundits have projected Eddie Lacy to go to Denver or Green Bay in the first round but concerns about durability could easily push him into round two. Either way, there is a near consensus that Lacy is the best of the bunch in a position that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

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  • Wayne Jr Tider

    if you watch him run, he rarely used the crown of his helmet anyway, he uses his shoulder more than his head. This will not be an issue for Lacy man

    • BamaHammer

      Lacy is much more an upright runner than Trent Richardson, for whom the rule is being nicknamed. I worry more about Lacy being injury-prone than anything else.

      • William Boot

        Agree. The rule doesn’t directly pertain to his style of play but it does work against the run game as a whole. Everything works in cycles and running will be the main threat again one day. Give it time. In the meantime, it hurts potential earnings for a lot of future runners.

    • John Mitchell

      Great point. Don’t think the rule will be an issue with Lacy. Also, he should end up in a good situation if he’s picked at the end of the first round, unlike Richardson who ended up blocking for himself last year in Cleveland. If he can stay healthy, Lacy should have a big rookie season.

  • William Boot

    When I put the quote in there about being effective passing the ball, it was hard not to make a Sanchez joke.