Jan 5, 2013; Birmingham, AL, USA; Mississippi Rebels coach Hugh Freeze reacts to a call during the first half of the BBVA Compass Bowl against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Legion Field. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

BanditRef: Ole Miss is Still in Mississippi

Ole Miss has released an exciting video update of their Forward Rebels campaign; a facilities improvement plan which would have been more aptly titled “Come on Bears let’s try to get out of the 1980’s.”

While Hugh Freeze has done a great job turning the Ole Miss football team around, the Ole Miss Athletic department is still firmly ensconced in Houston Nutt mode. Let’s see what Forward Rebels has to say…

0:01 Rebelvision?  I understand that Ole Miss is living in the 60’s but this has nothing to do with television.  Also, you’re the bears.

0:07 We started off with the fight song, which was good, now we shift into the hippest free track available in iMovie.

0:11 Keith Carter your associate A.D. for development and lazy eye.

0:15 I understand not everyone has Obama’s speech skills but my God Keith, at least try to show some human emotion as you blankly read the cue cards.

0:22 Philanthropic giving? I don’t think Keith knows what that word means.  Merriam-Webster defines Philanthropic as: dispensing or receiving aid from funds set aside for humanitarian purpose.  I understand that Ole Miss athletics are kind of pathetic, but I don’t think they qualify as a humanitarian cause.  Come on Keith, you work at a school.

0:29 “I hope you enjoy what you are about to see.”  THOSE CEMENT TROWELS AND WHEEL BARROWS GOT ME ALL HYPE KEITH!

0:41 Joe Swingle is very passionate about this wall, it’s got bricks and everything.

1:14 The fact that Ole Miss has a “walk of champions” is one of the funniest things in this video.

1:28 Ole Miss is going to have a snack-size locker room.  If you love tiny Snickers you’re going to love tiny Ole Miss potty room!

1:46 Yeah, it was those extra 3:00 minutes of halftime prep, that’s why Ole Miss lost all those football games.

1:53 Air-conditioning is considered an “amenity” in Mississippi.

2:16 “Access to anything the doctors may need or anything like that.”

2:37 Ole Miss’ team room won’t seat their whole team? You special teams weirdos wait in the hall.

3:06 There are some exciting things going on in Oxford, and if I was capable of human emotion you’d see just how exciting.

3:18 Hey Ole Miss, maybe don’t set “winning championships” as your goal.  Maybe “winning a Music City Bowl” would be a better step right now.  I mean, it’s awesome that you wont the BBVA Compass Bowl against Pitt, but let’s not start planning your BCS rings just yet.

Ole Miss is a major state university with millions of dollars and thousands of Alumni, but they let the PR firm of Bubba and Darrell handle this one.  No matter how much Hugh Freeze does you can’t take the good ole boy out of Ole Miss. Go Black Rebel Bears!

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