Tailgate Cocktail: Virginia Tech Edition

We made it.  After eight excruciatingly long months, the two sports we love dearly, college football and tailgating, have returned.

After such a long period of roaming through the sports desert, I could certainly use a drink. Since our beloved Crimson Tide kicks off their season against the Virginia Tech Hokies I felt it appropriate to use Wild Turkey bourbon – which my father refers to as “Old Gobble Gobble” –  as the base for the first tailgate cocktail of the 2013 season.  Also, since the game is in Atlanta and many of our Crimson brethren will be traveling, I wanted to create something that could be prepared on the go, with easily obtained ingredients and did not need any extra equipment.

Raise a glass with me in a toast to a brand new season as I present to you the Dirty Bird.


  • 1 part Wild Turkey 101 Proof
  • 1 part Tart Cherry Juice
  • 2 parts Sprite


  • In a red solo cup pour the bourbon over ice
  • Add the cherry juice then slowly add the Sprite
  • Using the handle of your shaker stir carefully for 3-5 seconds

The Dirty Bird makes for a quick and easy cocktail which works for our purposes since I expect Alabama’s starters to have a quick and easy day against the undermanned Hokies.

Football is back ladies and gentlemen. Savor every Saturday because as we have just experienced, the offseason is long and unforgiving. Take in all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that this wonderful time of year has to offer, preferably with a stiff drink in hand. Here’s to the dawn of a new season, here’s to the Crimson Tide, and here’s to the best fanbase in all of sports.  Enjoy responsibly and ROLL TIDE!

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