BamaHammer Players Champion: Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas has not made the College Football Hall of Fame, but the late great linebacker for the Alabama Crimson Tide and Kansas City Chiefs now has another honor to his name.

The readers of BamaHammer have voted Thomas the greatest Alabama football player of all time, advancing him past Barrett Jones in the finals of our summer-long tournament.

Thomas was a leader of the Alabama defense, and rang up an amazing career at the Capston before going on to legendary success with the Chiefs. Among his accomplishments at Alabama:

  • 1988 SEC Defensive Player of the Year
  • 1988 Consensus All-America
  • 1988 Dick Butkus Award
  • 74 career tackles for loss, 39 in 1988
  • Seven career blocked kicks

In addition, Thomas had an amazing 27 sacks in 1988; an NCAA record that stands today.

The tournament comprised 64 of the greatest Crimson Tide players of all time, as selected by the editors of BamaHammer, and voted on by the fans in a four sixteen-player divisions.

In winning the tournament, Thomas outpolled Wilbur Jackson, Johnny Musso, Cornelius Bennett, Lee Roy Jordan and AJ McCarron before defeating Jones in the finals.

Here is the final bracket:

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  • Jon Hedges

    Derrick Thomas is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was elected in 2009. He has not been elected to the College Football of Fame, which is kind of hard to believe.

  • blahblahblah

    This is the first time I’ve visited your little blog/website. It will
    be the last time, too. Everyone makes mistakes – nobody’s perfect.
    However, some mistakes are avoidable, inexcusable, and the result of
    sheer laziness. Posting a story that says Derrick Thomas is not a
    member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is not only incorrect, it’s an avoidable, inexcusable mistake and the result of sheer laziness.

    Even though I won’t be visiting this website in the future, do the rest of
    your readers a favor and put down the Cheetos, wash your hands, open
    your favorite internet browser, and **do a little research** before submitting your next post.

    Don’t be lazy…unless looking stupid is your sole purpose in life.

    • BamaHammer

      A complete mental error on my part, not the writers. My edit was intended to be that he is not in the college football hall of fame, and has been corrected. Still, gotta double-check your work.

      Very glad the Arrowhead faithful were quick to leap to the defense of one of the great pro players in history. Now you can stop reading our ‘little blog’ and go write letters to the editor, criticizing all those others that are actually in the arena.

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