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Why Alabama Fans Hate Johnny Manziel

On Saturday, the Alabama Crimson Tide faces off against Texas A&M in the most anticipated game of 2013. College Station, Texas hasn’t seen this much publicity for a football game in years.

The anticipation of the game originates from one thing – the 2012 Texas A&M upset of then-top-ranked Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Johnny Manziel was a popular name going into the game, but he became the most popular player in all of college football leaving Bryant Denny Stadium on November 10.

While the nation praised Manziel and watched him accept the Heisman Trophy, Alabama fans eyed him with payback on their minds, their fists balled up and rage racing through their veins.

Some football fans have Johnny Manziel fatigue after the “Summer of Johnny;” Alabama fans have had that fatigue since November 10, 2012 at 6:15 central time, when the clock read zero.

The number one reason Alabama fans can’t stand Johnny Manziel is what he did in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

He didn’t just beat Alabama; he made Alabama wait two more weeks to win the SEC Western Division title. He prevented the Crimson Tide from going 14-0.

He made the Alabama fan base go from the mountain top to the deepest of valleys in the first 15 minutes of the game. Any excitement from the comeback against LSU one week earlier was gone, just as fast as AJ McCarron led the Alabama offense down the field to rip victory away from LSU.

Manziel beat Nick Saban, the defensive genius.

Alabama fans can’t stand – scratch that; hate – Johnny Manziel because his 15 minutes of greatness was too much for Alabama’s solid 45 minutes.

Many Alabama fans looked at Johnny Manziel and didn’t see what they expect from a quarterback. Alabama’s starting quarterback doesn’t carry the baggage Manziel carries. Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler had their off the field issues, but neither over took the national sports media like Manziel did over the last nine months.

Beating Texas A&M on Saturday will not be revenge for the loss of November 10. It will serve, however, as Alabama’s way of bringing Manziel and the A&M fanbase from their mountaintop to their valley like he did to Alabama a year ago.

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  • Capt. Augustus McCrae

    Love him or hate him, Johnny Football is the best thing to happen for college football in a long time. He’s a little bit of Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, and a whole lotta’ cayenne pepper.
    Ags roll the Tide again…..then you’re really gonna hate him

    • BamaHammer

      It’s hard for Alabama fans to knock him too much, given the amount of swag Snake and Broadway Joe had back in their day. There’s no doubt that a repeat by the Aggies will send Bama Nation into full meltdown.

      • Capt. Augustus McCrae

        Best case scenario for all would be a quadruple overtime, then both teams go undefeated the rest of the way and the networks figure out a way to have them meet again for a National Championship game…….can you imagine the hype. Might be bigger than the Super Bowl.

        • BamaHammer

          I don’t think my heart could take it. Plus, the rest of the college football world would riot if Alabama got a second rematch for the title in three years.

          Come to think of it, that alone might be worth it.