Alabama Fans Trolling Texas A&M In College Station


The gamesmanship has begun between Alabama Crimson Tide fans and their rivals in College Station, Texas.

Someone took a picture of a sign at Texas A&M University with a ‘Script A’ flag over it, thereby kicking off what will be a lot of trash talk from both fan bases.

We don’t necessarily condone such things, but it’s your move, Aggies.

H/T: Ryan Armstrong

Tags: Alabama Crimson Tide Football

  • LosAngeleno

    Love the spirit of this, but I kind of want the UA’s “A” to be covering the “A” of “A&M,” amirite?

    • Twisted Muser

      If one were to condone such things! :) ROLL TIDE!

      • BamaHammer

        But we don’t do that… do we?

        • Twisted Muser

          Of course not! ROLL TIDE!

  • Franklin Crittenden

    Yeah, it all fun and game and harmless pranks until someone finally goes overboard…