Is Alabama Going to Wear A ‘Blackout’ Jersey?

shirtAlabama Crimson Tide fans have long held the team’s traditional uniforms in high regard, and taken pleasure in mocking teams like Oregon, who change uniform styles weekly. Likewise, gimmicks like the Georgia Bulldogs ‘blackout’ jerseys have earned the derision of Tide fans when such parlor tricks have backfired.

So you can imagine the blowback among traditionalists if these jerseys take the field any time soon.

The official University of Alabama athletics website is offering what it calls a ‘blackout game’ Nike jersey, featuring a black No. 4 with red outlining against a black jersey.

From the item listing on

The Crimson Tide are built for hard-hitting, fast-paced gridiron action, and we know that’s exactly why you love them. Promote your Alabama gear to a level that’ll proudly flaunt your team’s skills and your own team dedication with this special Blackout Nike Limited jersey. Designed in the same styling as the gear your favorite players will wear on the field in the 2013 Blackout Game, it features strategic mesh ventilation, embroidered graphics and a tackle twill player number. Congratulations, you just upped your status to Ultimate Alabama Fan!

While it’s highly doubtful these jerseys will ever see the field, it’s important to keep in mind that a lot of younger Alabama fans (as well as a lot of the players) don’t hold the traditional uniforms in as high regard as do the old guard. So it’s entirely possible that we will see Alabama wearing something along these lines sooner rather than later.

At least until these bad boys are ready.

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  • Brad

    No, they aren’t. Arkansas State was penalized 30 yards against Auburn for having “non-contrasting” numbers on their jerseys. You think Saban would give up 30 yards for a gimmick jersey? Please.

    • Jamie Johnson

      If it is a home game, we could wear black all day long. The opposing team is the one required to wear the white or contrasting color. That is not even an issue. We just don’t do gimmicks period.

      • Brad

        My understanding was that the issue was that the color of the number didn’t contrast the color of the jersey.

        • Brad

          So you can edit this article. These black jerseys are illegal.

        • Josh Boutwell

          That’s not what it was. Has nothing to do with the numbers, Auburn wore their home jerseys and Arky State wasn’t wearing white like they were supposed to. Plenty of teams wear jerseys with colored numbers.

          • Brad

            With all due respect, you’re wrong. See my post above.

        • Jamie Johnson

          Arky State’s clearly had contrasting color.. they were that putrid gray with red lettering with black outlining. But we’ll never wear anything that would have the team penalized. This has to be a mistake.

          • Brad

            Or a gimmick to sell jerseys.

          • Brad

            The announcers said that it was difficult to distinguish Arkansas State’s jersey numbers from the booth.

      • Guest

        I’m right:

        Numerals. The jersey must have clearly visible, permanent Arabic numerals measuring at least 8 and 10 inches in height front and back, respectively, of a color that itself is clearly in distinct contrast with the color of the jersey, irrespective of any border around the number.

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