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Auburn Website Makes Case for Alabama Cheating

An Auburn Tigers website doing what Auburn websites do best – and most: talk about Alabama football.

The Never To Yield Foundation, a website dedicated ostensibly to Auburn sports, has published what it considers an exhaustive piece of investigative journalism on, what else, Crimson Tide football. The clearly objective piece, titled Where There’s Fire There’s Fire, attempts to present the case for rampant cheating at the Capstone by Nick Saban and the entire Alabama athletic department.

The scandal apparently includes boosters, friends of the program, political figures, inanimate objects and the very air we breathe. The article itself is a laundry list of collected Tweets, screen captures and photos of various Alabama players cars. The implication is that the NCAA is unwilling or unable to bring Alabama to account for its endless crimes, so it is up to the Auburn faithful to do the dirty work of bringing down the Evil Empire that is Alabama football.

The whole thing reads like the manifesto of someone living in a bunker in Opelika, and even if every single word of it bears out, it’s still the ravings of someone with an unhealthy obsession with a college extracurricular activity.

At least they gave this site a free plug.

The mission statement of the site itself is a classic piece of Auburn bunker mentality:

The Never To Yield Foundation is established to promote the positive image of Auburn University, its students, its alumni and its fans. The Foundation celebrates the Auburn spirit and is dedicated to providing a place for the Auburn family to connect and share our collective and individual successes. Our secondary mission is to help combat the negativity that is directed at Auburn by its detractors, by the media and by anyone else who seeks to do our family harm.

A while back we called for an end to the Alabama-Auburn rivalry, so that cooler heads could prevail. Without Alabama as a constant foil, Auburn football would have to stand or fall on its own merits, instead of perpetually considering itself the virtuous underdog to the evil Tide. More than ever, we think it would be a good idea to let the Tigers go their own way.

Feel free to go read the article, have a laugh, and come let us know what you think.

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  • Rebecca Ash

    They really should go their own way lest someone looks too closely at their weak-ass program.

    • BamaHammer

      We’re all in favor.

  • Chip

    Where there’s smoke, there’s probably also some idiot throwing toilet paper into the trees while firing up the BBQ.

  • Mark W

    If Auburn concentrated as much on Auburn as it does Alabama, their program would have never reached the depth that it did.

    • BamaHammer

      Nailed it.

  • Diane Carter

    Cecil Newton, Cecil Newton, Cecil Newton. Ahh let me count the bucks. $180,000
    of them.

  • Joe Smith

    Lol… Barners… That’s all you need to know…. ROLL DAYUMMMMM TIDE

  • John Doe’s Father

    The more they talk the worse they look