Oct 13, 2012; Columbia, MO, USA; Missouri Tigers quarterback Corbin Berkstresser (13) is sacked by Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Adrian Hubbard (42) in the third quarter at Farout Field. The Crimson Tide won 42-10.Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

10 Ways The SEC Championship Game Can Be Watchable for Alabama Fans

For fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide, it stings that we will not be playing on Saturday in Atlanta. But worry not, Bama Nation: The SEC Championship Game can still be a worthwhile endeavor for all of us. Just take to heart these 10 simple steps to enjoy the SECCG:

  1. Every time the final play of the Iron Bowl is mentioned, shown or referenced, do something good for your community. By my estimate, at the end of the SECCG, Bama fans will have built 93,000 orphanages, rescued 8 billion puppies, and helped every little old lady across every street in America. Twice.
  2. Keep checking your watch to see if the ACC and Big 10 (12? 11?) championship games have started. It’s before 8 EST? Great news – Duke and FSU and MSU and OSU are tied! We’ve still got a shot!
  3. Count to 15. Remind yourself that’s how many national championships we have.
  4. Count to 3. When that obnoxious fan from whatever school says we don’t really have 15 national championships, remind them of the last four years.
  5. Count to 10. If that same fan is still yammering, you’ve counted to 10. You’ve done your part. You can’t be held accountable for what happens next.
  6. For every big play, counter how Alabama would have covered it differently. That should make it all better.
  7. Every time they show Gus Malzahn chomping his gum, do a sit-up for every smack. You will have rock solid abs by the third quarter.
  8. Think back to last year’s Mizzou game, and remember how Nick Saban had a contingency plan for the lightning delay. Admire how well prepared Bama is at every aspect of every game, even something as rare as a lightning delay. And then do not, for even a moment, think about the end of the Iron Bowl.
  9. Remind yourself over and over that Duke coach David Cutcliffe is a Bama boy, and sometimes, you need a trusted man on the inside to handle things. Ah, Nick Saban and his contingency plans.
  10. Rent Iron-Man 3. Watch that instead. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  • Greg Duke

    How correct. When I reminded a dear friend of mine from high school, who happens to be an Aubie fan, how many NC’s that Bama has won, he immediately stated ‘you claim 15, but that is incorrect”. How many NC’s have Auburn won? Officially, 2, but Wikipedia does credit them with 5. The official 2 were 2010 and 1957. Let me see: that covers 2 of Bama’s 15! Kinda like my UT-Knoxville friends who have the same issue, where UT claims 6 but officially, only two, in 1951 and 1998. These programs have more pride than knowledge and official championships. They act like they are actually perennial football champions. Give me a break.
    As staunch, life-long Bama fans, I am really hoping that Duke University and MSU pull the ultimate BCS/media upsets, launching Bama back into the BCS game. I do not care if it is Mizzou or Aubie, but Iron Bowl part deaux, revenge of the Tide, would be most welcomed. Putting a ton of shutup juice on Aubie now, instead of waiting the full 365 days, would be worth it. Roll Tide.

    • Smokin Joe

      When Auburn beats you a second time, (FOR A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP) that would count for 20 that you claim.

    • Greg Duke

      Enough said already.

  • William Boot

    Get Iron Man 2 instead. Plot be damned, Scarlett Johansson looks fantastic in that black outfit.

  • http://twistedmuser.com/ Twisted Muser

    The best way it can be watchable is if Missouri dominates Auburn! ROLL TIDE!