Nov 9, 2013; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles and Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban greet each other midfield before the start of their game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Nick Saban Agrees to Contract Extension With Alabama

Update: Jess Nicholas, Editor-In-Chief is hearing the same things we are. In a post late Saturday, he reports:

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source told that Alabama and Saban have agreed in principle to terms on a deal. The contract would be for multiple years and would include a raise from his current deal, which pays him around $5.5 million annually. While exact figures were not yet known, the raise was described as “significant” and is all but certain to make Saban the first college football coach earning more than $6 million per year.

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A Crimson Tide message board is stating that head coach Nick Saban has agreed to a contract extension with Alabama, finally putting to rest endless rumors and speculation about his future.

A frenzy that occurred earlier this week with another website’s unsubstantiated reports that Saban had agreed to become the next head coach at the University of Texas. However, the Alabama news site and message board Tider Insider says that Saban has agreed – or is very close to agreement – to a new contract with Alabama.

Lending further credence are reports from ESPN personalities:



Details have not been announced, and the contract has not been confirmed by the university, but numbers will no doubt reflect his accomplishments, including winning three of the last four BCS Championships.

The Saban-to-Texas rumors have been ongoing for more than a year, despite repeated denials by Saban and his wife Terry. On Thursday University of Texas president Bill Powers also denied that the Longhorns were working to hire Saban.

“I’ve never met Nick Saban. I’ve never talked to Nick Saban. We have not hired Nick Saban,” Powers told the Austin American-Statesman. “Mack’s our coach, and I can say flatly that the rumors we have hired or come to an agreement with Nick Saban or even talked to him are false.”

Tide fans may be tired of the endless churning of the rumor mill, but it could be worse; Alabama could have a coach that nobody wanted.

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  • Dong Fuller

    Texas fans need something more to do than cowtip and watch football. Is anyone watching the board over at 247. Its hilarious ! This has got to be the most arrogant bunch of backwards ass cowboys in the USA. They think Texas is getting other coaches huge pay raises. They think CFB revolves around Texas even though they had a terrible TV rating the last 3 years. They are like 28th on total TV share to other programs. Would someone please tell Texas fans to just chill. Mack Brown will be the coach next year. End of story. Now that Saban is off the market and Peterson is off to Washington they now want Gus… Fucking arrogant fans.

    • Fargo

      Spent 3 years in Austin after graduating with an accounting degree from Alabama. Had a large time in Austin spending most nights on 6th street, but when it comes to arrogance perspective, these folk have no rival. If you ain’t from Texas, you ain’t shit. My uncle, who graduated from UT, has the audacity to tell me with a straight face that Saban was going to Texas before the 2012 season even started. Assholes.

      • Fargo

        Yeah I know there are spelling errors in my previous post. Texas folk would never admit that.

  • Greg Duke

    UT acts like Pacman Jones at a men’s strip bar, trying to make it rain head coaches by throwing around their money. Sorry, Texas, but if you wanted the world to revolve around Texas, you should have remained your own country. Whoops. Even the Mexicans kicked your ass!! Go back on your horse, saddle up, and leave the rest of us winners alone. Roll Tide.

    • yourdumb

      that is ignorant…. That is like saying hey Alabama defend yourself from America. We are tired of having inbreds and trailer parks litter our roads.

      • C D F

        “yourdumb” says the guy who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. And trash?? Isn’t there some well-known saying about glass houses and rocks and what-not? I mean, GWB Jr. lives in Texas, and Rick Perry is your governor. Pretty trashy, if you ask me. ;)

        • TexasAccnt11

          You can bash Texas all you want but when is the last time you heard of people moving to Alabama for opportunity? The economy of Texas is far superior to Alabama’s.

          For a “pretty trashy” state Texas is pretty amazing in Tech, Investment & Finance, and Healthcare industries…what’s Alabama good at?

          • Greg Duke

            Last time I checked, we designed and built the rockets that put man into outer space and the moon, for one. We have aerospace, ship-building, auto manufacturing, etc., so the state is not exactly a hayseed state. But wait, we are no longer talking about football right? Was this not the subject matter? Compare collegiate football programs, and their fans. Sorry, Texas. Do not mess with Bama!

          • TexasAccnt11

            You got off the subject matter once you mentioned “Mexicans kicked your ass,” but nice memory, chief. Your whole post was attacking Texas as a state, not a school. I also like that the horse comment is coming from a man from Alabama… Use the thing that keeps your head from caving in before you speak buddy.

          • Stephen Bearden

            what’s Alabama good at? Apparently we’re pretty good at football……………. seeing as if Auburn beats FSU in January then the state of Alabama will have 5 National Championships in a row………………. when’s the last time Texas won TWO in a row?

          • TexasAccnt11

            I won’t debate you there. I am not sure that Auburn will role over FSU, but it should be a good game. Could be wrong though as it’s hard to judge FSU’s talent since they don’t exactly play the toughest teams in the nation.

          • Stephen Bearden

            FSU is overrated…………. Duke actually gave them hell in the first half of the AC Championship game…………… that should’ve never happened…………. this is the same FSU that steamrolled Clemson earlier in the season……………. they are not as good as they appear

          • TexasAccnt11

            I guess we will find out. Also, to add to your comment about Alabama being good at fb. I would add that they get a decent amount of their players from Texas.

        • Jordan Whiddon

          Insulting and stereotyping an entire state on the basis of one comment, now that’s classy. “GWB Jr.” does George W. Bush have a son no one in the country has ever heard of? His father was George Herbert Walker Bush, so George Walker Bush is not a “Jr.” at all. He also attended Yale (BA in History) and Harvard (MBA), and has accomplished more in his 67 years of life than 5 generations of your family will accomplish. As for Perry, you’re really going to try and throw someone else’s governor under the bus when you have a Dermatologist as governor? Perry served our country in the Air Force, and had an extensive background in business, and 16 years of legislative experience before becoming governor. Let’s compare that to your Dermatologist governor Bentley, whose experience is voting straight party lines on every issue and has virtually no record of job creation. Under Perry, Texas’ unemployment rate has been below the national average for 83 consecutive months, longer than any other state. From August 2012 – August 2013, Texas accounted for 13% of all jobs added nationwide, more than 50,000 jobs greater than the next highest state, which wasn’t Alabama. And that includes shrinking the government with cuts of over 8,000 workers. There is no governmental comparison between the two. You’re the kind of trash the gives the otherwise polite residents of Alabama a bad name.

  • Kaki

    So is the “done deal” w/Sabs staying at bama substantiated? If so, pls send link!

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  • Jeremy

    SEC Fans calling people arrogant. Good stuff

    • Greg Duke

      Calling it the way I see it. Merry Christmas, and may Bama receive two early gifts today! Go Duke University, and Go MSU. Throw in an Aubie win, so we can have Iron Bowl part deux, with a NC game involved.

      • Shane Harding

        How did that work out for ya?!

  • Steven Howard

    I lived in Texas for 15 years and have an ex wife there. To be fair her family are all A&M fans. But the whole everything is bigger and better in Texas really has warped those folks. I once had a friend tell me he would live in the gutter before he would ever leave Texas. What a bunch of morons.

  • lyle

    I like all of your attitudes toward Texas now if you could just tell everyone to stop moving here, I think the whole state would appreciate it.

    • wordsfromthewell

      A freaking men!!

  • wordsfromthewell

    Did he sign yet? Speculation

    • Smack Down

      Everybody is so certain that Nick Saban has signed a contract extension but there is no confirmation or proof yet. Why is this the case if he did in fact agree to a contract extension and wishes to remain at Alabama? All we can do is speculate that Nick Saban will stay at Alabama or leave to coach at Texas until there is an official announcement to put the rumors to rest.

      • wordsfromthewell

        Close only counts in horse shoes and EVERYONE is tiptoeing around and making quite a broad use of semantics. I think that tx doesnt want to dishonor mack brown. These texas boys are super sneaky. I wonder if texas has offered an armed guard…Alabama might follow St satan and present him with some crimson tide retribution. …While we all watch them fade back into obscurity.

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  • Bevo Austin


    Austin radio station has announced that Nick Saban just closed on a house in Lakeway!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crassus

    The next coach at Texas will NOT be Nick Saban. The next coach at Texas will be either Gus Malzahn or Jimbo Fisher. You can take that to the bank.

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