Oct 27, 2012; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide snapper Carson Tinker (51) during warmups prior to the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Bryant Denny Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Tinker Trolls Auburn Fan on Twitter

tinkFormer Alabama Crimson Tide long snapper Carson Tinker let an Auburn fan on Twitter know that championships are what it’s all about.

In an exchange that appears to have since been deleted, the Tigers fan tried to troll Tinker, who now plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, by making  play on the “got a second” meme made popular after Alabama attempted a field goal with one second remaining on the clock in the Iron Bowl. Auburn returned the missed kick 100 yards for the winning touchdown.

Tinker responded in the strongest possible way; by posting a photograph of himself wearing the nine rings he earned while playing football at the Capstone.

“Take a second [and] realize I have more rings than the school you pull for,” the Tweet said, “doubt you even went there.”

You tell ‘em, Tink.

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  • Jason Fox Johnson

    Cling to the past. Alabama is great at the past.

    • Kemotherapy

      Cling to the past……..I mean what? You want teams to cling to the future? Proven in the past is one thing you can’t prove the future. And he has a right to respond back to that guy and he’s probably right about Auburn too

      • Kristin

        I get what he is saying. Most Bama fans cling to the past, much like Yankee fans do. Many Bama weren’t even thought of during most of the championships.

        • THEBARN

          Looks like you cling to a lot of doughnuts..

        • Alabama Nation

          Well I was around to witness TEN of them, and I’m gonna talk about them until I’m dead!

        • DW

          Really? Well, let’s do some ‘cipherin’. I saw three, which should have been four, in the 60s. I saw three, which should have been four, in the 70s. That’d be six, just in case you don’t want to take your shoes off. With one in 92, that would be seven. Throw in 3 during the Saban era and that’s ten. I do have to admit I wasn’t around when Frank Thomas and Wallace Wade were building their statues. I apologize for not being 90 years old. As for the Yankees, their last World Series win came in 2009. That’s not really ancient history, you know. And they’ve been pretty consistent. Yankees have won 27 WS since their inception. That’s one every four years. That’s not even considering league pennants or WS appearances in which they lost. Alabama has played 119 years and won 15 NC. That’s one every 8 years. Now, considering there are about 125 NCAA DI football teams (it varies a little from year to year), while there are only 30 MLB teams. So, in reality, Bama’s record is even more impressive than than of the Yankees, considering we have 4 times as many teams with which to compete. I think what you call “clinging to the past” is better phrased “appreciating those who came before. The ones who cut the trail and then paved they way.”

          When I reminisce about fishing with my grandfather and speak of what a great man he was and how I felt like I was in Heaven to be with him, is that living in the past, or simply reflecting and being thankful for it?

          There is no need for Bama supporters to live in the past. At the moment, we are considered the top program with the best coach in the business. And we keep getting top ranked recruiting classes.

          Nice try, but next time give it a go with an original thought, as opposed to the regurgitated nonsense you pick up off the internet or from your barner friends.


      Aubarn would cling too if they had something worth clinging to.

    • DW

      The past? Lemme see. 2009, 2011, 2012. All National Championship years. It just doesn’t get much more current than that. Don’t worry. You’ll probably get another in 50-60 years, based solely upon the trend you’ve shown over the last 120 years.

  • facepunch

    So alumni should only be the only college football fans, but not us ignorant poor trash

    • DW

      Exactly. Especially if you live in a mobile home or housing projects. I was very disappointed when I read Carson’s remark in that regard. That’s usually the first thing barners start yelling, as if all their fans attended school there. I could probably name somewhere between 25-50 off the top of my head that I know who didn’t. Some went to Jax State, UAH, UNA, Alabama A&M, Athens State, UAB and I even know two who have been Auburn fans all their lives, yet they both went to Bama to get their degrees. Auburn needs to put out an official statement saying they want no part of fans who didn’t attend school there. They’d be lucky to have the stadium half full every Saturday. In particularly, I *REALLY* hate when someone throws someone’s economic or housing status into the mix. My profession has allowed me to rub elbows and dine with multimillionaires, and also with people in trailers or low income housing. I’ll tell you straight up, and I know there are exceptions to the case, but generally speaking, those folks we like to refer to as white trash or ghetto trash are among some of the most decent, honest, trustworthy loving people one can ever be. Whereas most of the multimillionaires sell out their very own beliefs and morals to make a dollar. They will look you straight in the eye and lie through their teeth if they think it will benefit them in any way.

      One of my kids went to Athens State University (the state’s oldest and most historic). Athens State has no football team. Using the warped logic of the elitists attitude, they just can’t support any football team. Too bad too sad. My son loves the Mets. He’s lived in Alabama his entire life. I suppose he’ll have to stop that and make the Huntsville Stars his only baseball team. My daughter is currently in junior college and *THINKS* she’s going to UAH afterward. Same thing applies. No football team, I guess she can’t be a fan of anyone.

      It’s utterly ridiculous, and anyone who adheres to that belief system needs to be bitch slapped. Carson, as far as I can tell, is a good kid from a good family (he went to high school with my son until he moved to Tennessee).

  • Jeff

    He has 3 BCS championships and 2 Conference Championships? Where do the 9 rings come from? During those years they only won 1 other bowl game-Mich State. That would equal 6 total. where do the other 3 come from? Just asking.

    • Shang_Tsung

      Probably claimed the others!!! Like bama tends to do!!

    • Kristin

      One is probably a class ring.

  • Brian Warren

    What. A. Tool.

    • DW

      Says the man with the pink, fuzzy hat.

  • Kristin

    He’ll never have Super Bowl ring. Cling to those “9″ there, Carson! What a douche.

    • elMagsador

      So, he shouldn’t be proud of his accomplishments because he got drafted to a team that isn’t the best team in the NFL? I’d say he’s successful because he has the rings and gets a fat paycheck for playing pro football while you’re trolling on a website and inadvisably attaching your picture.

    • DW

      Never is a long time. Jags may surprise us one year, or he may get traded to a team which is more equipped to make a Super Bowl appearance at any particular time. I’m gettin’ kinda worried about you. So what if he never goes to a Super Bowl? It’s not a one man sport. Tons of outstanding players never made it to the Super Bowl because the team in general sucked. You’re saying things which have absolutely no logic whatsoever.

  • Cory

    3 of the rings are BCS NC rings that are given to the University. 3 are NC rings that the University designs because I guess the ones the BCS gives them aren’t good enough. 2 SEC rings, and the other is from the 2008 season for when they won the SEC West and ended up losing the SEC and later to Utah.

  • Jason Fox Johnson

    His statement about Auburn in inaccurate if he’s counting SEC championship rings. AU has the most in the late decade. Not to mention the logic that every player gets one, so they have hundreds. I get the gesture, but like most things Alabama, he was unable to respond in classy manner and chose to be an asshole. #wellplayedtinktink

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