Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Lane Kiffin Edition

Last Time On The Zen: Auburn fans meltdown in reaction to the meltdown in the BCS National Championship Game.

The Zen took a week off last week to give the message boards some time to breathe after Auburn’s “dream season” was taken apart by the Florida State Seminoles. But it seems a week wasn’t exactly enough for Tiger fans to get over what happened on January 6th. Sure, they have moved on to bigger and better things, like calling for Men’s Basketball head coach Tony Barbee’s head and Baseball and questioning the hires of Bama assistant coaches.

Yes, even the Auburn fans seem to have an opinion on the recent hire of Lane Kiffin as Offensive Coordinator at Alabama. The ramblings are detailed below, along with the other pieces of gold you so desperately want to know. As usual, the grammar and spelling are in the originals. Note that the spacing between sentences are not originals; it seems this week they used a gratuitous amount.

Seriously, I don’t get the excitement. Anybody think it’s a home run as has been touted by some of the bama people?

it’s not

(Brilliant analysis.)

When did Auburn hire Kiffin?


Saban has lost his edge. And Kiffin isn’t the answer.


This. Could you imagine if AU hired Kiffi? The backlash?


What a joke


I don’t think he brings anything to the table but potential for chaos.
The problems I saw at Alabama this year were on defense and making a change there kind of puts it on Saban’s shoulders.


He is a cancer. Congrats on the cancer bama.


Total desperation move- i.e. Tubs with Franklin.


Does $aban think he’s going to be able to keep LK’s mouth shut, like he does with the rest of his assistants? Lol at this move by weeman!


The good news is, our path back to the NC just got easier!


Alright, enough of the Kiffin reaction. Moving on to smaller and worse things:

With tonight’s loss to the Vols AU has lost 18-19 games and we are 0-13 in conference play. We won’t make the NIT and will more than likely finish dead last in the conference. He gone


Really sucks but what are we gonna do?


Wish we had a competitive bball program


Also want a baseball program competing and making NCAA tourneys yearly


Fire Barbee, hire Pearl.


He (Aubie) just won his unprecedented 8th national championship. Best mascot ever.


well deserved


He’s the most hilarious mascot ever.


I guess I am going to be a total d*** for a while.


I am still mad about the game.


DGAF either.


frick life right now.


See, the what could have been sand what should have beens are what makes me feel like a pile of fricking cow s***


No way we lose that game. NO WAY!!!!


It was the only game that mattered. We somehow replayed the UGA game. Get a lead then give it up


Karma stuck a shovel up our a**.


wish I could see things like you do. I’ve been better since I was mad, haven’t been sad today. time will heal.


hell think about fsu, they went to the first three bcs ncg and won one. I doubt they remember the two loses today.


but now I’m mad.


My psychiatrist said it’d be healthy to find a place to air it all out before I go back to delivering the mail.


They’re kind of sensitive about everything at work.

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