BamaHammer Crimson Tide Hall of Fame: Call for Nominations

Alabama Crimson Tide football history is overflowing with legendary names. Walking through campus on gameday is like a walk through history, and a stop at the Paul W. Bryant Museum gives fans a crash course in the immense scope of Tide football.

Last summer you voted Derrick Thomas the greatest Alabama football player of all time in our tournament. Now we think it’s time for one more honor for some of Alabama’s football legends.

This is our call for nominations for the first class in the BamaHammer Hall of Fame, to honor Alabama Crimson Tide football legends. We’ll take comments from you until May 25th. That gives you a full month to consider who you would give the honor of being in our 2014 class.

Once nominations are closed, the BamaHammer team will weigh each nomination and select our inaugural class of five.

The criteria

• All former Crimson Tide football players may be considered. Current players will not be.

• Nominees on-field stats and achievements are most important, but character and how they represented the University will also be taken into consideration.

• Head coaches and assistant coaches may be considered, even those who did not play for or attend Alabama.

Okay, Crimson Tide fans, let’s hear your selections for the first nominating class!

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  • tideman89

    Without knowing how many will be allowed on this inaugural ballot, here is my list of 5:
    1. Paul Bear Bryant – self explanatory
    2. Joe Namath – also self explanatory
    3. Derrick Thomas – ditto
    4. Cornelius Bennett – best LB/DE when he played, just ask Steve Beurlein.
    5. A.J. McCarron – clutch QB, who has more championships?

    Lots of others are deserving, but these would be my starting 5.

    • BamaHammer

      Really like your reasoning here. This first class will obviously be loaded, and we likely will have a special coaches category within the class. It’s interesting to see AJ McCarron being so highly regarded this early in his post-Bama career. Not that it’s unearned, but with so many legends to choose from, I wonder if we’re not still riding the high of the McCarron era.

      • TideMan

        We Are – I would replace Joe Namath with Bart Starr or John Hannah. You could even replace Bennett with an older star on the firs ballot.
        AJ has done something that has not been done anywhere, anytime — back to back NC’s by a QB. That keeps him on the list in my book

  • stevechas

    Your first four are also on my list 89, but I think I would replace AJ with Leroy Jordan, Ozzie Newsome or Frank Thomas. I just think that it is too soon for AJ. Lifetime achievement type awards take a few years to put into context.

    • tideman89

      You have some pretty good names on your list as well! How about John Hannah, and Marty Lyons?! It’s very clear we have a wealth of talent to choose from. Roll Tide!

      • stevechas

        I could be easily convinced to replace Jordan with Hannah.
        I have nothing against AJ, he brought me great joy. I just think that we are in danger of passing over people like Hutson, Gilmer and others of more than 10 years ago. Those guys are long before my time, but I have made a point of reading about and watching any film available on the guys who built the empire. There is plenty of time to honor AJ, Marcell, McClain and other recent greats.

  • Lynda Tilley

    Aj maccrron of course

  • TideMan

    Top 5

    1. Paul Bear Bryant – self explanatory
    2. Bart Starr – also self explanatory
    3. Derrick Thomas – ditto
    4. Cornelius Bennett – best LB/DE when he played, just ask Steve Beurlein.
    5. A.J. McCarron – clutch QB, who has more championships? All time leader in multiple categories

  • Daniel Chambers

    MAL MOORE-no question about it
    Derrick Thomas-Its long over due
    AJ McCarron-The Best QB at Bama

    Paul Bear Bryant-Best coach ever
    Cornelius Bennett-self explanatory