Chrome Alabama Football Helmet Design Is Metal-Tastic

Alabama football uniforms are one of the most old-school, traditional outfits in the sport. Their unchanging style is a source of pride among Crimson Tide faithful. Calls for any type of redesign are shot down almost as soon as they appear.

But this chrome helmet is pretty cool.

This fan-made design was spotted in a thread on TideFans, and turns out was created by an Alabama supporter as a reward for good grades.

From the thread:

I know a lot of Bama Fans are not into uniform changes, but if the Tide ever decides to splurge and trick out their uniforms, I sure would like to see them wear something like this custom helmet. I had it made for my ten year old son as a gift for reaching his 4th grade academic goals. He’s an avid fan who loves to collect unique items, and I have to say this is our best custom item to date. Roll Tide!

Later in the thread, the original poster shows off another design with his model posed in front of Bryant-Denny stadium. That Tuscaloosa sun sure makes that chrome shine:

Source: TideFans

Source: TideFans

Let’s hear it, Bama Nation. Would you like seeing the Tide run out onto the field to take on West Virginia sporting these shiny beauties? Or is this taking things too far in the Oregon Ducks direction, making it look like a parade of crimson Hot Wheels cars?

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  • Stan Payne

    I’ve been an Alabama Crimson Tide fan all my life and have always seen the CLASSIC uniform. I’m good with that still but this helmet does look pretty cool, especially with some other opponents paint scars on it! Just throwing it out there. Roll Tide!

  • ramajama45

    I would love to see BAMA sporting a helmet comparable to that. I have said for quite some time that some minor tweeks to the uniforms, in order to keep up with the times, would be nice. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a fan of the TIDE for the better part of my 50 years and really do understand and somewhat agree with the tradition argument. I’m not advocating drastic Oregon Ducks type changes, just maybe a few minor subtleties. For example: the script “A” on one side of the helmets and the numerals on the opposite side; this would still keep with tradition yet add an updated more modern look which should satisfy most all the fans. Also, maybe a hint of gray incorporated somewhere in the uniforms. Real die-hard BAMA fans will and/or should know that gray was actually part of the teams earliest uniforms. These are just some of my personal suggestions, for what they are worth. RTR

    • BamaHammer

      If Alabama were to run out of the tunnel on the opening weekend wearing the old white helmets I’d lose my mind.

  • Havok099


    Maybe a matte crimson with high gloss white stripe and numbers on the side but this ‘crimson chrome’ has no place at Alabama. ‘We ain’t flashy, we ain’t trashy… We ain’t fun with helmets glowing in the sun… All we do is GET THE JOB DONE.’ Roll Tide!!!

    • Ray Hall

      I think the helmet compliments those shiny crystal footballs in T-Town… We here you, it’s a collector’s item for my son. He loves Bama Football, check his website out at ROLL TIDE!!!

      • William Boot

        What a nice reward for your son. Glad to see you raising the boy right! RTR

  • P S

    Crimson chrome in the Georgia Dome

  • ndotken

    That’s one ugly helmet. I hope that helmet gets trashed. I’d much rather Bama come out in “throwbacks” … like the NFL does.