Redditor Sneaks Onto Field At Bryant-Denny Stadium And Leaves A Message

A Reddit user sneaked onto the field of Bryant-Denny stadium under the cover of darkness, and left his mark in the dirt.

The Redditor, going by the handle chief_tuskaloosa, made his way onto the field while attending a wedding reception in the North ‘Zone’ area. According to the, the Zones can be rented out for $3,500, and does not include “Audio Visual Needs; Catering; Insurance; Overtime labor; Field Lighting.”

Finding an unlocked door leading to the outside stands, he “did what anybody would do,” and made his way to the field.

Bryant-Denny is in the midst of its yearly field resurfacing, so there is no turf to be found. The anonymous Redditor then tagged the field by inscribing ‘r/cfb’ in the sand. That’s the Subreddit – or subgroup – for college football, for those of you that don’t know the first thing about Reddit.

Here are the shots the Redditor took while sneaking around the hallowed grounds (we brightened up the originals a bit to show off more detail).

Presumably this one is the North end zone:


And here’s the field itself, looking (we think) end zone to end zone:


And finally, the tagging of the field.


The Redditor says he erased his work after snapping the photos. Still, after an incident like this, Alabama fans may have to give up their claim that they don’t junk up their own campus the way Auburn fans do.

What say you, Tide fans? Is this Barner-level vandalism, or just someone that was too full of Bama, and took an opportunity all of us would take?

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  • TideMan

    First of all – there is no such thing as “too full of Bama”.

    Now that that is out of the way, this is not vandalism – he only wrote in the sand. He even erased it later so no vandalism, no defacing school property or anything of that ilk. Just a fan getting a chance of a lifetime and being Classy about it – Something the Barn fans would know nothing about.

    What it does tell me is these two things:
    1. The University should do a better job of security.
    2. This MUST be the Off-Season for this to even be reported.

    Please Hurry Football Season!

    #RollTide #RoadTo16

    • BamaHammer

      Both of your numbered points are pretty well dead on.

      • Billy Jilly

        Then why even write about this garbage? There is no way anyone would think writing something in the sand and erasing it as vandalism. You might have something is he tore down the goal post or stole a stadium seat. But, I think Tony needs to go back to writing for Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide and stop trying to post a shock post trying to get quick fame from a silly article with no validity.

    • tideman89

      I couldn’t agree more, you nailed it! RTR!

  • Twisted Muser

    TideMan you are spot on! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!