Our 2014 Alabama Football Viewing Guide Is Available For Download

Our pals on the Alabama Football Podcast have launched their 2014 Alabama football viewing guide, and it’s available for purchase and download now.

It’s more than a preseason report. It’s packed with the opinions, insights, and observations our podcast listeners enjoy. It’s over 100 pages of forecasting, analysis and commentary. Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

• Important Watch Items: Not just the same stuff you’ve been reading all summer; these are the patterns an entrenched fan will be watching as the season rolls around.

• Starting Lineup Forecast: We’re not talking about a formation-dependent list of 11. We channel Nick Saban and introduce our take on the actual ‘number ones.

• Position Group Breakdowns with Key Player Assessments: All the preseason reports claim Alabama is talented across the board, but where are the true positions of strength and where are the soft spots?

• Full Season Game-by-Game Rundown: All teams evolve over the course of a season. We try to map a representative growth chart for the 2014 team.

• Projected SEC Rankings: Where will the 14 teams stack up when the season is over, and who will square off in the SEC Championship Game?

• Pre-Season Roster: Nick Saban doesn’t release a preseason depth chart, but we do!

In all, we think you’ll enjoy a look inside the mindset of roster management and planning for another run at a national championship. Head over and download your copy; we’d be much obliged.


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