Saban Ends Press Conference After Questions About Fluker Story

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban took the assembled media to task Wednesday evening in his post-practice press conference.

Saban opened his remarks by saying that he felt like practice this week has been really good, and that he is pleased with the way the players have worked. He had no new injuries to report this week either.

He then briefly spoke about the Yahoo Sports story alleging that former Alabama player DJ Fluker potentially received improper benefits from an agent. Saban said that he has full confidence in the Alabama compliance staff handles things, and he said that with all of the high profile players Alabama has had over the years, he’s proud with the way most players handle these things.

As expected, the first question was about the story, and Saban responded irritably.

“I made a statement; don’t ask me any other questions about this,” Saban said. “If anyone did anything the wrong way we’ll take appropriate measures to take care of it.”

After two more questions about the allegations, Saban got even more frustrated. He said that if anyone had any questions about Texas A&M he would be happy to answer them.

With none were forthcoming, Saban gave the media the ‘death stare.’

“I appreciate your interest in the game,” he snapped, and he walked out.

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