The Great Bama Hammer Bama Joke Contest

Send us your best Bama or Bama rival joke and you could win a Bama Hammer sticker and have your joke shared on the BH!
Do you have a favorite Bama joke? Of course you do, all Alabama fans have that one joke they love to tell. For me it’s a Bear joke, because I’m a bit of a traditionalist.
Ready to hear the best Bear Bryant joke ever? WARNING: I’m not responsible if you laugh at your desk and people look at you funny.

So we’re looking for a few good Bama jokes. Got that chestnut you love to tell? Tell us! You can email in your joke to, you can tweet us your joke, you can leave your joke on our Facebook page, or you can leave it in the comments of this article.
You can tell jokes about Bama, about our coaches, about our state, or about our rivals. I wouldn’t keep you from telling that great Auburn joke.
We are accepting videos, voice recordings, and written jokes… but come on voice recordings and videos are going to get extra points. After all, your favorite Bama joke is funniest when you tell it.
Be sure to include your name, Twitter or Facebook handle, and in case you win your address.
Entries must be in by Friday May 15th, so get started being funny.
Winners will get their jokes posted on the BH and will receive a BH sticker with the new and yet unreleased BH logo! More importantly though winners will get the joy of making their fellow Bama fans laugh.
OK let’s here what you got, could you make Nick Saban crack a smile?