Levi Randolph Signs With The Boston Celtics

Alabama basketball star Levi Randolph has signed with the NBA’s Boston Celtics.
Former Alabama basketball player Levi Randolph has finally gotten his ticket to the NBA. Randolph will report to the Boston Celtics camp in September.
Randolph received a one year deal from the Celtics to participate in training camp. But does anyone really doubt that Randolph will receive a better deal once the Celtics see his work ethic first hand?
If Randolph plays the full season with the Celtics he could ear $525,000 dollars, but only $25,000 is guaranteed.
The news was announced on the Alabama Basketball Instagram.

The “Built By Bama” train continues and now includes basketball.
It’s been a big month or two for Randolph, he played in the summer league for the Oklahoma Thunder, he graduated from Alabama, and now he’s been picked up by the Boston Celtics. I think it’s safe to say that Levi Randolph is on a hot streak.
It’s good to see Alabama student athletes from sports other than football succeeding professionally. Let’s hope Avery Johnson’s time at the reigns of Alabama Basketball will bring success to even more young men. I think Johnson’s time in the NBA is going to be a huge asset for recruiting and helping the players develop a game that attracts the eye of the NBA.
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