An Auburn Fan Birmingham Bowl Guide

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Apr 11, 2015; Birmingham, AL, USA; A general view of Legion field prior to the Sons of UAB alumni flag football game at Legion Field. While other schools around the country are planning spring scrimmages for their current teams and fans, former UAB players are making sure the Blazers get at least one more game at Legion Field. Coach Bill Clark started the alumni game last spring after his hiring and it


Here’s where Birmingham will live up to its “Magic City” nickname.

Our top choice for close to Galleria entertainment is the Galleria food court carousel. You and your Auburn friends will have hours of fun riding mindlessly in a circle on the backs of fake animals while waving to each other.

Try not to pick the giraffes when riding the carousel; they don’t go up and down. The giraffes might look solid to an untrained eye before things get going, but they are only going to let you down in the end… much like Auburn football.

Another fun mall option might be to go to Hot Topic and watch the kind of people who actually go in a Hot Topic.

If you do feel like venturing out from the mall other options include:

– Going to the Vulcan and looking at a metal butt.

– Going to Dreamland and meditating on how quickly a corporation can ruin a great restaurant.

– Attending a city council meeting / MMA match.

– Watching an innocent child lose their will to live while riding in a car on I-65.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We would have suggested that you go shopping at Costco for bulk toilet paper, but of course Auburn fans don’t know how to properly use toilet paper. On top of that Tiger fans haven’t even gotten to celebrate much this year by throwing sanitary wipes on trees; so you can see how this isn’t really a good suggestion.

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