Michigan State Fan Threatens Violence On Alabama Campus

A Michigan State fan threatens to “start killing people” on Alabama’s campus after watching the Cotton Bowl.

There’s trash talking online and then there’s this.  There are some things that are just not funny and should never ever be said or joked about online or anywhere else.

One Michigan State fan went too far tonight when he threatened to go to Alabama’s campus and “start killing people”.

I don’t care how bad your team is losing joking about this is never EVER ok. Of course then our Michigan State fan followed it up by clearing up that he was not joking.

Now it’s gone from a 9 on the horrible scale to a 10.

Soon after this tweet however he started to change his tune, deleted his tweets, and expressed regret for posting them.  That’s fine, but this kind of threat shouldn’t be shrugged aside.  Numerous people on Twitter said that they had reported him and contacted law enforcement authorities.

I hope this was just a joke and this individual gets the help they need.  In the end it’s just a game.


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