Cotton Bowl: The Angry Bama Haters Are Going Insane

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We are all nice people, enjoy your flight back to the frozen wasteland of sadness!

We are going to have Clemson for dessert.

I actually feel bad for this guy.

Don’t fret sunshine, it’s only been 3,359 days since Tennessee last beat Alabama.

But we love you. (We actually don’t)

MSU got lucky… whatever helps you sleep at night sweetheart.

Not sure it turned out that way…

Keep tilting at that windmill son.

A Michigan fan is mad about what we did to their little brother.

More excellent good loser Michigan State fans.

There’s a reason for that reputation friend.

Boy last night was fun!

I can think of worse ways to have spent New Year’s Eve than watching Alabama winning a College Football Playoff Game 38-0.

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