Former Alabama Football Wide Receiver Chris Black Is Bitter

Former Alabama Football wide receiver Chris Black says he wants to transfer to a school “that knows how to utilize a slot guy”.

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Transferring Alabama Football wide receiver Chris Black has sour grapes about the team that helped him win two national championship rings.  Black told Gridiron Now that he thought he “always felt like the system didn’t fit my type of skill set,” and he wants to transfer somewhere  “that knows how to utilize a slot guy.” 

That is of course nonsense and sour grapes from a player that was expected to do a lot more at Alabama.  To say that Alabama hasn’t been using the slot with Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator is ridiculous.  One Alabama Football player on the team this year, Richard Mulaney, was even being called “Slotty Pippen” by his teammates due to his success in the slot. Chris Black’s talents weren’t misused, they just never really surfaced.

We wish Chris Black success wherever he lands, but to claim that Alabama was the problem probably tells you what the problem really was.

Black suffered from injury this year, but had been in the system for three season.  Meanwhile Mulaney who transferred in this year saw a ton of success in the slot.  Perhaps Chris Black should cast fewer stones and look in the mirror a little more? Or he could transfer to Ohio State, they love player complaints up there. A whiny kid from Florida… that’s Urban Meyer’s wheel house.

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