Cam Newton Came Into The NFL ‘Gagging’?

Former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton posted a tribute to Peyton Manning and it was… interesting.

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If you somehow missed the news on Monday, former University of Tennessee and Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning announced his retirement from the league. After a long and wonderful career in the NFL, most would expect many heartfelt tributes with eloquent words to wish Manning well.

And then you have Cam Newton.

The former Auburn and current Carolina Panther quarterback joined the many folks that paid tribute to Manning in some way but this one was different. Very different. The text of the post appears that it was written by a child. On the other hand, I don’t know any children that type or text in that way. See for yourself.

Screenshot from 2016-03-08 11:05:30

“I came into this league gagging and still gagging my talents to this day off of the things that YOÜ have done and accomplished”. Gagging? You serious, Clark?

I’m not even sure what to say so I will just continue to shake my head. Even Auburn fans want him to start typing like an adult. He did return to Auburn to graduate. Yes, I know we joke on the school but gagging instead of gauging? We learned the spelling of that word in elementary school.

Some noticed the HGH capitalization in the word “high”. I’m almost positive that it’s not a dig at Manning’s HGH rumors after reading through all of that jibberish.

That’s enough on this one for now. I need to start gagging my interest in what I want to eat for lunch.

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