Kenyan Drake Trolls The Spartans After Their Loss To MTSU

Former Alabama running back Kenyan Drake took to Twitter to have a little fun on Friday after some NCAA Tournament drama.

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We all remember the Cotton Bowl from this past season. Apparently, Kenyan Drake does, too.

In case you missed it or you’re not a basketball fan, the number 2 seed Michigan State Spartans took on the number 15 seed Middle Tennessee State University Blue Raiders.

Much like the Cotton Bowl where Alabama demolished the Spartans in the semifinals of the College Football Playoff, the Spartans never held the lead once against the Blue Raiders and lost 90-81. They did score because let’s face it, this is basketball. It did end with the same result with the Spartans heading back to Michigan and that’s even before they could win their national championship that guard Denzel Valentine guaranteed.

“Maybe I can say that now,” Valentine said per the Sports Illustrated link above. “National championship guarantee, right now.

“We have the team to do it. The only thing that is gonna stop us is us.”

Looks like “us” prevailed.

Now, enter former Alabama running back Kenyan Drake.

In his defense, Drake wasn’t the only one making comparisons to the Cotton Bowl. Yours truly did that same exact thing.

Oh, who am I kidding? It needs no defense. I personally loved it. If I remember correctly, some of the Michigan State football players were really looking forward to facing a Heisman winning running back in Derrick Henry. That worked out well for them.