Shaun Alexander’s Advice For Derrick Henry

Shaun Alexander has some wise words of advice for Derrick Henry.

ICYMI: Former Alabama running back Kenyan Drake took to Twitter to have a little fun on Friday after some NCAA Tournament drama.

Speaking to Shaun Alexander shared some words of wisdom for Derrick Henry this week.

“Surround yourself with good people,” he continued. “There needs to be an elder around you and a brother who’s gonna do it with you. Usually those two people will guide you and tell you whatever you need to do to help you still be who you are, and grow and become a man—and at the same time nudge you back from the path that could be dangerous for you.”

Advice comes cheap, but when it comes from someone like Shaun Alexander, who has been through everything Derrick Henry is about to experience, its value increases dramatically.

Alexander also said that he and Derrick Henry have spoken.

“Well, I know him, so I say ‘Call me, all the time, and for any advice,”’ he said with a smile.

That’s fantastic, the brotherhood of Alabama Football continues into the NFL.  It was awesome to see all the former Alabama Football players surrounding this year’s team in Arizona before the National Championship Game against Clemson, but it’s even more inspiring to see this.   This is just more proof that the Capstone is something you carry with you forever.

Check out the rest of Shaun Alexander’s interview with for yourself.

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