Alabama Crimson Tide: 2020 Opponents rated better or worse than 2019

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Alabama Crimson Tide opponent, Auburn
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Worse than 2019 – Auburn Tigers (Nov. 28 in Tuscaloosa)

As a head coach, Gus Malzahn has never won in Tuscaloosa. As a coordinator, it took Cam Newton and at least two bizarre plays for Gus’ offense to come out on top in 2010. In football terms, that was long ago. So long, when today’s offensive wizards are mentioned, Gus is rarely included.

Being an OC for Gus has frustrated all who tried to actually run an Auburn offense. Chad Morris could succeed if Gus leaves him alone to do his job. That is a big ‘if.’

In recent season’s DC, Kevin Steele has made up for Auburn’s offensive weaknesses. It will be harder for Steele in 2020, having to rebuild his defensive line and secondary. On defense, the Tigers’ returning production from last season is 60 percent. It is slightly better on offense at 61 percent, ranking Auburn at No. 78 in the FBS.

Morris will be hampered with a new, unproven offensive line. Gus also loads his top running back with a heavy load. The result being, his top guy is often hampered with injuries late in the season. Neither D.J. Williams nor Shaun Shivers has the body to take too much pounding. By late November the Tigers may have at least one top running back hobbled. Freshman Tank Bigsby will have to contribute. Will the new offensive line make enough holes for a consistent rushing attack?

As much as Gus depends on run production, Morris will probably put more load on Bo Nix. Nix is a talented QB with a big arm. As a sophomore, Nix could have an outstanding season. Whether he does or does not, depends on the Tigers suspect O-Line.

Auburn Tigers Prediction for Nov. 28 in Tuscaloosa – Gus loses in T-Town again. Alabama Crimson Tide will give the Tigers’ fourth or fifth loss.

No reason the Tide will not win the 2020 Championship. dark. Next

We skipped over three Alabama Crimson Tide opponents because each has a new head coach. Just a guess, but Ole Miss and Mississippi State have definite head coach upgrades and the teams should be better in 2020. Arkansas, with Pittman having no head coach experience, might be better.