Alabama Football: 3 reasons ESPN deal is good for Tide

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3 reasons why the ESPN deal is good for Alabama football

2. There will be more national coverage

Let’s be honest. No one goes to CBS for the top sports takes. You might tune in before Alabama football’s game, but CBS is not known as a sports network. However, ESPN is the biggest sports network in America. Because of this, it is simply better for Alabama to be on their network.

ESPN does not determine who makes it to the College Football Playoff. However, they influence public opinion. Obviously, they will want to speak highly of the teams that they cover. If people think highly of the Crimson Tide, they will be more incentivized to watch their games.

When ESPN had the rights to XFL games, they started covering the XFL. When there is a bad matchup on Monday Night Football, they still talk about each team like they are fantastic. If they can do that with poor teams, think of how they will treat Alabama football when they are winning.

This could sway public opinion over the next few years. Alabama players will have better Heisman chances, and they will always be the talk of the town. We used to say that there was a bias against Alabama players, but that might no longer be the case.