Alabama Football: 3 ideal NFL landing spots for Landon Dickerson

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Ideal NFL landing spots for Alabama football’s Landon Dickerson

2. Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa has changed the outlook on being drafted by the Miami Dolphins. Before, it was terrible for players to go to Miami because they had no positive outlook. Now, they are seen as one of the up-and-coming NFL teams with a bright future. Thanks to quality drafting and excellent coaching, the Dolphins have flipped the script.

Still, they have more improvements to make. Tua did not trust his offensive line. With his injury history, it is vital that the Dolphins improve their offensive line.

Miami could use an extra tackle, but the interior of the offensive line is just as important. That makes Landon Dickerson a perfect fit. He can play center or guard, and he proved with the Tide that he can do it at a high level.

This would also pair Dickerson with his former Alabama football quarterback. He would go to war for Tua in college, and he would do the same in Miami. This would help the Dolphins, but it would also help Dickerson. He could be a cornerstone to an up-and-coming franchise and the leader on a growing offensive line.

If Miami drafts Dickerson late in the first round or early in the second round, fans should be happy. The Dolphins get a star on the offensive line, and Dickerson finds a team that can properly develop him.