Alabama football’s report card vs. the Florida Gators

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Alabama football’s report card vs. Florida Gators

Inside Linebackers: B

Inside linebackers were a key part of Alabama football’s game plan this Saturday. Regardless of the quarterback situation in Gainesville, they were going to have a mobile quarterback take snaps. That means that inside linebackers were in charge of stopping the quarterback when he scrambles. Whether they are covering a zone, a man or in spy, they had to keep their eyes on the quarterback.

The versatility of the inside linebackers was huge. They weren’t perfect, but they made key plays when Emory Jones scrambled.

Outside Linebackers:

Early into the season, the depth of Alabama football’s outside linebackers has been tested. Losing Chris Allen in the season opener was already tough, but the injury to Will Anderson the week after exacerbated the situation. While Anderson’s injury wasn’t as severe, there were questions heading into the game regarding if Anderson would play and how healthy he would be.

Regardless, it was vital for Drew Sanders to step up. He showed his versatility last week, and Alabama football needed someone like him against the Gators. In this game, Sanders stepped up once again. With Florida running more option concepts, it was crucial for outside linebackers to make smart plays. Sanders did that.

Will Anderson ended up playing, and he was seen in the backfield early and often. Even when he doesn’t get the sack, he breaks the play by forcing a scramble into another defensive player.