Alabama Football: 3 takeaways from win vs. Southern Miss

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Alabama Football
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3 takeaways for Alabama football vs. Southern Miss

2. John Metchie still has work to do

Alabama has been spoiled with elite receivers over the past few years. Most recently, Alabama has had four first-round receivers drafted over the past two years. That group of elite players has changed the standard for Alabama football, and it is now up to John Metchie to live up to it.

So far, he has failed to do that. He led the team in receptions, but he only had 45 total yards. This is because he was mostly used on screens, but he has what it takes to be a deep threat. He just hasn’t made those plays this year.

The one red flag that Alabama football fans saw in this game was when he fumbled at the goal line. it’s great to try to score when you’re so close, but you can’t risk fumbling out of the end zone. Thankfully, this turned out to be a touchdown for the Tide due to Latu’s quick reaction and fumble recovery.

Alabama has plenty of great receivers, and they distribute the ball evenly. All things considered, this is a good thing for the offense. Still, Metchie hasn’t been the reliable target people expected him to be as a WR1, and that is concerning. We’ll see if that changes later in the regular season, but he definitely has room to grow.