Alabama Football: Rating the Crimson Tide and Aggies position groups

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Alabama Football
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Offensive Line

If Alabama’s continued problem with snaps did not exist, the Crimson Tide’s offensive line would have more of an edge. The Aggies have an outstanding center in Bryce Foster. Three of the other four Aggies are returning starters, but the Texas A&M right tackle, Chase Bistonis is a true freshman. Slight Advantage – Alabama

Tight Ends

For A&M, Jake Johnson and Max Wright have a total of 18 receptions for 177 yards. Johnson is a dependable receiver but in the Aggies offense, the tight ends have produced only one touchdown. If properly utilized, Amari Niblack and CJ Dippre can cause considerable problems for the Aggies.  Advantage – Alabama

Wide Receivers

Measured by career production, A&M’s Evan Stewart and Ainias Smith surpass the Crimson Tide’s receivers. Smith is a scoring threat every time he touches the football. The Aggies have three additional receiving threats in Moose Muhammad, Noah Thomas, and Jahdae Walker. Advantage – Texas A&M

Kick and Punt Returners

Kool-Aid McKinstry is very good, as are other Alabama returners, but none match Ainias Smith. Also dangerous on kick returns for the Aggies is Reuben Owens. Big Advantage – Texas A&M


The Aggies have a good kicker, but he is no Will Reichard. Advantage – Alabama