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Are You Serious?! You Mad Edition

Recruiting is strong at the University of Alabama. Over the years, Alabama has racked up some amazing players and since 1892, the Tide has had a total of 47 consensus All-America selections. Alabama is a hub for fantastic players and has a rich tradition of snagging guys that would later become All-Americans. However, if you are going to be a hater, at least get the facts right. To imply that Saban can only win with 10-15 All-Americans:

Are you serious?!

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. For one to be considered an All-American, there is a process one has to go through. Because Alabama is in Division I of the NCAA, they can participate in the All-America selections. Basically they are individual recognitions for players after a number of publications release their lists of who would make up their ideal team.

The NCAA recognizes the Associated Press, American Football Coaches Association, the Football Writers Association of America, Sporting News and the Walter Camp Football Foundation. Numerous players can be up for this award, but in order for them to receive a consensus selection, they must be selected as first team in three of the five lists. There are also unanimous selections (Alabama has had 18 unanimous selections in its history), who must be selected as first team in all five lists.

Now that the rules are out of the way, I should note that Nick Saban has only coached for the University since 2007, and from that point until now, has coached a total of 5 consensus All-Americans and 6 unanimous All-Americans. That’s over the course of 5 seasons. While that is impressive, it certainly does not mean that he has 10-15 All-Americans each year to help him win. In fact, for the 2011 season, there were only four All-Americans. The All-Americans he has coached at Alabama: Antoine Caldwell, Terrence Cody, Andre Smith, Javier Arenas, Mark Ingram, Mike Johnson, Rolando McClain, Mark Barron, Dont’a Hightower, Barrett Jones and Trent Richardson have been amazing, but they weren’t all there at one time.

Nick Saban is one of the best for many reasons. Certainly, one of the key factors to his success is the players he chooses. I should ask though; would some of those players be where they are today without his coaching ability? It’s possible. However, his disciplinary tactics, motivational speeches, recruiting genius, football knowledge and coaching ability make a world of difference in the lives of his players. Many of them have stated this publicly. Let’s also not forget that Saban has been the coach of several teams, and is known for bringing them from the bottom to the top. There aren’t many All-Americans at the bottom. Bringing programs out of the gutter is sort of his specialty.

So, does Alabama have a stout record of All-Americans? Sure. Were there 10-15 on the roster this season? No. Are his successful players the only reason Nick Saban should be considered a great coach? Please, you already know the answer to this one.

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  • TideinOklahoma

    This guy must be an aubarn fan, it seems like something one of their homers would put out. I do relish the thought that he considers 10-15 guys on our roster “All Americans”.

    • HeatherMWyatt

      @TideinOklahoma True…it is a compliment.

  • Sleepwriter

    I see it as a subtle rationalization for Aubarn’s weak recruiting. At some point in a longer conversation with this particular Einstein, you can almost bet that he has said that the barn recruits character first or they recruit guys who are overlooked and develop them.

    In any case, if Aubarn was getting 10-15 All Americans on their team every year, you can bet that he would be heralding that as a sign of how great they are. It’s all rationalization and it feeds my belief that Aubarn is, and always has been, second tier in college football because they spend more time comparing themselves to UA than they spend trying to be a better Auburn.

    • HeatherMWyatt

      @Sleepwriter I think it’s interesting that you assume it’s an Auburn fan…I did too but I’m not sure that he is…I wouldn’t doubt it because everything you said was spot on.

      • Sleepwriter

        It may be an unfair assumption for this case, but it certainly applies to so many of our cattle loving brethren across the state. @HeatherMWyatt

      • Sleepwriter

        @HeatherMWyatt I also find the use of the term “logic” in their handle to be particularly amusing.

        • HeatherMWyatt

          @Sleepwriter The handles are the most interesting part a lot of times.