Nov 17, 2012; Auburn, AL, USA: Auburn Tigers head coach Gene Chizik follows his team through Tiger Walk prior to the game against the Alabama A

Auburn Football: Your Weekly Auburn Zen - Iron Bowl Edition

It’s Iron Bowl Week, that time of year when we celebrate tradition, like the traditional whipping of our cross-state rival, the mighty Plainsmen Eagles Tigers. Alabama is in the hunt for the national championship, and the only thing standing in the way of the SEC Title game is the hapless Auburn squad. Let’s see what they’re saying on the Auburn message boards about the coming beatdown. As usual, all spelling and grammar errors are in the originals.

It is time we put our record aside and get behind this team for an upset of epic proportions. The stars aligned beautifully tonight for AU to go into to Ttown and knock off #2 Alabama and ruin all of their hopes and dreams of another NC.. May Gene Chizik have one last hoorah in the stadium that Auburn has historically owned!


I have no doubt in my mind auburn would not fire chizik if he beats bama.


i’m ready for nick to move on to another project. then bama can sink back into obscurity. theres nothing more obnoxious than bama fans. i have no problem with the bama team itself. its the band wagon, shirt wearing, smart ass fans that i dont like.


wtf…..i thought we were at least going to be able to go a year without them winning a NC, this is just pouring it on, though. please auburn, pull it together for one friggin game and beat those clowns…..and then fire the whole staff….


What if we abandoned giving a crap about any game but this one after the MSU loss? What if we have been game planning for Bama since Week 2? What if we sucked so bad to inflate their ego and shock them for this one game? Hmm? Could that save Chizik’s job?


A win in the Iron Bowl will set the tone for next year Says one Eugene Chizik after today’s game.


My fear is that an upset of Alabama would somehow be used as a sign that the program is heading back in the right direction and Chiz and co should be given more time. If we win, we all lose.


Hiring Jacobs as AD is like hiring a premed student to perform your open heart surgery.


I’m afraid the game is over now and it is still a week away. The thing we have going for us as far as scoring more than 3 is that Saban is smart enough not to leave his starters in anymore than needed. He will pull them by the middle of the third or the end of the third at the latest to rest them for UGA. If we can’t score on their second team we don’t deserve to at all


If Chizik were to be retained I would drop all support of auburn athletics and encourage others to do the same. I will be absolutely furious if he is kept for another year. The fact that we even have to have this conversation is infuriating in itself.


I think Petrino is our guy, I don’t see either Fisher taking the job. Put Petrino with some good recruiting assistants and a decent defensive staff and he’ll have us competing for the west in a short time.


Since Petrino doesn’t give af about D, what if we keep BVG or hire another proven DC and let them run their defense without the HC messing with it? Petrino’s problems with defense haven’t all been because of just him, he’s never really had a good DC.


I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am so glad this season is almost over. It sucks being in the position we have been put in as fans. It would be one thing to lose, but playing hard and tough football. The fact we look terrible in technique, mental, and physical aspects and losing, is truly sad for me.


I’d tell Gene Chizik he needs to go be a guidance counselor or work for a non-profit organization. He doesn’t have the balls to coach any level of football, especially in the hand grenade standoff in a row boat that is the SEC west. I’d tell Trooper Taylor to quit doing his Petey Pablo impression and GTFO. I’d tell Luper to quit acting like a bitch just because he got passed over for the OC position. I’d sincerely apologize to BVG for having Auburn ruin his reputation. I’d tell Loeffler to choke on a dick and die.

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