November 17, 2012; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide running back Brent Calloway (21) carries against Western Carolina Catamounts defensive back De

SEC Football: Week 12 Contenders & Pretenders

BCS chaos from week 12 knocked C&P senseless for longer than expected. Early helpings of tryptophan didn’t help either. While the rest of the country happily chewed each other up, the SEC was having a lovely cupcake feast. C&P can’t justify much movement even if there is nothing wrong with a few confectionery delights throughout a season.

1. Texas A&M (Last week: 1) Texas A&M beat Sam Houston State 47-28. The only real news from this game is that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is now the trendy pick for the Heisman. The Aggies finish with Missouri at home, and may be in line for a BCS at-large selection depending on how other teams fare. Next game: Missouri

2. Alabama (Last week: 2) What a difference a week can make. Alabama took apart hapless Western Carolina 49-0 and got control of its own BCS Championship destiny as a prize. While the BCS Championship destiny is fine and dandy, it is Iron Bowl week. That is all. Next game: Auburn

3. Georgia (Last week: 4) Georgia flattened Georgia Southern 45-14 to continue to the cupcake carnival. Georgia plays rival Georgia Tech, but a battle in Atlanta presumably against Alabama looms for the SEC Championship. Win that, and the Bulldogs go to Miami. Next game: Georgia Tech

4. LSU (Last week: 3) Before C&P even talks about the game, go watch Les Miles’s opening statement for the press conference after LSU snuck by Ole Miss 41-35. If C&P was a girl, he might consider kissing him on the mouth for such hilarity. Anyway, LSU got past Ole Miss 41-35. The Tigers are going to be neck-and-neck with Texas A&M for the SEC’s at-large BCS selection once LSU whacks Arkansas in the Razorbacks’ house this week. Next game: @Arkansas

6. South Carolina (Last week: 5) A clever reader may ask “C&P, where did 5 go?” C&P would reply that any SEC power team that goes into the fourth quarter tied against Wofford deserves to take a step back. They did win 24-7. The Gamecocks can earn their No. 5 C&P ranking, and maybe more, back by beating Clemson this weekend. Next game: @Clemson

6. Florida (Last week: 6) The same clever reader that asked about South Carolina may ask “How does Florida fit in to C&P now?” C&P says that any team that plays a close game against Jacksonville State before earning a 23-0 victory doesn’t deserve to move up. Hence, No. 5 is vacant for the week. The Gators play at Florida State this week. A UF win sets up a scenario where there is an All-SEC BCS Championship Game again. That popping sound you just heard was peoples’ heads exploding from the possibility. Next game: @Florida State

7. Vanderbilt (Last week: 8) Vanderbilt showed Derek Dooley the door by stomping Tennessee 41-18. If Vanderbilt beats Wake Forest this weekend, the Commodores have an 8-win season. Vandy head coach James Franklin’s name will probably be bandied about in connection to more high profile jobs after doing so well with the ‘Dores. Next game: @Wake Forest

8. Mississippi State (Last week: 9) State got back to its winning ways by beating Arkansas 45-14. The Egg Bowl is up next for Bully, and they can play spoiler in the game. Win, and Ole Miss doesn’t go bowling. Also, the chance of a ten win season is still on the table. Next game: @Ole Miss

9. Ole Miss (Last week: 10) Ole Miss went down to Baton Rouge and almost pulled off the upset over LSU. A late punt return TD by Odell Beckham Jr. helped win the game for the Tigers. Ole Miss still has bowl eligibility to play for as they square off against Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl this week. Next game: Mississippi State

10. Missouri (Last week: 7) Just when Missouri appears to have a pulse, they gaff one away. Missouri lost to Syracuse 31-27 this past weekend. The loss precludes any thoughts of a bowl game since the Tigers travel to play the Aggies this weekend. Barring a tremendous upset, Missouri stays home this postseason. Next game: @Texas A&M

11. Tennessee (Last week: 11) The Volunteers lack of movement in C&P is more a function of every team down here is so awful that you can make legitimate arguments for each being so putrid that they deserve the “SEC’s Worst” moniker. If the SEC was the English Premier League, Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn and Kentucky would all be sent down to lower leagues at the end of the season. This week, UT fired their head coach after a 41-18 loss to Vanderbilt and will play Kentucky as a season finale. Next game: Kentucky

12. Arkansas (Last week: 12) Arkansas may be the most disappointing team in college football this year. The Razorbacks lost 45-14 to Mississippi State and will finish their season with a loss to LSU this weekend. Next game: LSU

13. Auburn (Last week: 13) Auburn won a game against Alabama…A&M 51-7. The Tigers get the actual Alabama Crimson Tide this week in the Iron Bowl. The opening line of Auburn +34 is the biggest spread ever. Alabama just got back control of its own destiny. If this isn’t a shellacking, C&P will eat his shoe. Next game: @Alabama

14. Kentucky (Last week: 14) Kentucky got a win during the cupcake carnival this past weekend when the Wildcats beat Samford 34-3. Sadly, Kentucky basketball suffered its first loss so UK fans everywhere are saddened. The Wildcats end their season against Tennessee in Neyland Stadium. Next game: @Tennessee

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