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5 Reasons the Alabama Crimson Tide can’t overlook the Georgia Bulldogs

The SEC Championship Game is set. The Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs are meeting in Atlanta with a trip to Miami and national title hopes on the line. Here are five reasons why Alabama fans should not think this Saturday will be easy:

1. The Tide’s talent is matched at every position.

Over the past five years, Georgia has averaged finishing eighth in recruiting according to the ESPN rankings. Alabama has averaged third. This season the Bulldogs have just as much NFL talent according to most draft boards. Jarvis Jones, Baccari Rambo and John Jenkins lead a defense that has only improved over the year.

“I feel like we are more talented,” Rambo said recently on ESPN Radio. “We have better players at each position, across the board, especially on defense. It’s gonna be a great challenge, I know it’s gonna be a great battle.”

Although Rambo’s opinion may be a bit biased, he could be correct. In the Tide’s only loss this season, it was the big plays made by Texas A&M’s star players that led to an upset. If the Bulldogs catch a good day from all their talent, it will be tough for anyone to beat them.

2. Aaron Murray

We all remember what happened the last time the Tide faced a talented, Heisman candidate quarterback. Although Murray isn’t getting the hype that Johnny Manziel has, he still has great numbers. He has an FBS-leading 177.3 passer rating along with his 9.9 yards per attempt. Another thing the Bulldog senior has is experience. If a freshman quarterback did what we saw to the Tide’s defense, what will a projected first-round quarterback do?

3. Underrated offense

The Georgia defense is a constant topic of conversation, yet the Bulldogs’ offense is just as equally talented. They average 38 points per game with a multi-dimensional attack. While averaging 274 pass yards and 190 rush yards per game, Aaron Murray leads the offense (see No.2) but playmakers are found at the other positions. Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall lead the rushing attack, each averaging over six yards per carry.

But Georgia’s deepest position may be at wide receiver. Six Bulldogs have had catches over 40 yards this season and Murray’s 31 touchdowns have been split between ten receivers, with eight of those going to Tavarres King.

4. History

Georgia is 3-1 against Alabama since Mark Richt took over. The Bulldogs are 2-2 all-time in the SEC Championship game compared to Alabama’s 3-4. The Bulldogs come into this game playing their best football of the year, outscoring their last five opponents by an average of 27 points which is just better than Alabama’s 25 points. If going strictly by history, the Bulldogs are the favorite.

5. Georgia is the underdog

In a game of this magnitude, motivation can be a huge factor. And with Alabama already being commonly mentioned as Notre Dame’s opponent in the BCS title game, the Bulldogs are motivated to come out with their A-game. In a SportsNation poll asking who will win this game, only one state sided with the Bulldogs; you guessed it, the state of Georgia.

Although the ticket sales are split, the home field advantage will still be a factor. After what happened last season, these Bulldogs aren’t the biggest fans of the SEC West. Revenge is just another factor to add to Georgia’s motivation.

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  • ReadyFred48

    Bama’s beaten already according to this article. Why play the game? Even history apparently says UGA wins.

  • http://twitter.com/Brethren Brett Shell

    Murray is a RS Jr.

  • Max Power

    Both teams are evenly-matched against each other, which will lead to a low-scoring affair this Saturday. I don’t think Alabama is taking this game lightly, but Georgia has an ax to grind for respect. I can’t wait to see this game and I already set a reminder for it through my DISH Hopper GameFinder app. I’ve been able to find and keep up with games more quickly since a coworker at DISH told me about this feature. I think it’ll be a close game, and Alabama will win it 9-6. Roll Tide!

  • Joseph Boe

    1. The Tide’s talent is matched at every position.

    Yet, common opponents racked up 50 more points against Ga. “Talent” like potential only matters if you employ it.

    2. Aaron Murray

    ” If a freshman quarterback did what we saw to the Tide’s defense, what will a projected first-round quarterback do?”

    - Answer? Not as much. Johnny Manziel ripped Bama apart – for one quarter. After scoring 20 points in the first 15 minutes, they didn’t score again until the 4th quarter. Bama figured out how to slow him down eventually – too late obvioulsy but it was a good lesson. Aaron Murray isn’t Manziel. In every category that matters; rushing, TDs, Pass ccompletion – Manziel is better… and to imply that Murray’s extra years of experience somehow – apparently by magic – makes him better than Manziel is laughable on its face.

    3. History – never means a thing. Ever. People just like to talk about it. If it meant anything the words “upset”, “surprise win”, “stunning loss” would not exist ….neither would predictions.

    4. Underrated offense

    Bama’s Defense is #1. Ga is number 16. Bama’s Offense is also ranked higher just on points scored.

    Everything with Ga is “in the last 5 games”. Ga played 1 ranked team in the last 5 games. Bama played 3. The defenses Ga played in the last 5 games featured 1 that was good – Florida at the #3 D. the rest were #69, #86, #88, and # not even on the charts…Ga Southern.

    5. Georgia is the underdog – this counts for something but Bama has its own powerfully motivating reasons to win so that’s a wash.

    Bama by 17 points. and Ga doesn’t GET to 17 points on the board.


    • BamaHammer

      VERY solid analysis.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SassyElliott Cynthia Elliott Radford

      So what about the past. This is tomorrow!