Why Notre Dame Will Win the BCS Championship Game Against Alabama

Between now and the Melee in Miami, fans from both Alabama and Notre Dame will make up all sorts of reasons why their team will win.

Notre Dame will come out on top because all of Notre Dame’s coaches win the title in their third year. Alabama will win because Nick Saban’s never lost a national title game. Even the media gets involved, hypothesizing that Notre Dame’s 5-1 career record against Alabama may give the Irish them sort of tangible edge.

I’ve decided to take emotion and homerism out of the equation for a change. Here are the legitimate, on-the-field, carefully-thought-out reasons why Notre Dame will beat Alabama next month.

Notre Dame has a great defense. In fact, they tackle even better than Georgia’s offensive line. If you watched the SEC title game on December 1, you know how big a compliment that is. The Bulldog front wall made several drive-saving tackles, including one on Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosely – a perfect form tackle during Todd Gurley’s fourth-quarter touchdown run that put the Dogs up by three. Not only can the Irish defense tackle better than Georgia’s offense, but their all-everything linebacker Manti Te’o, is, at least in theory, better at breaking tackles than Mosely. Had Te’o had the good fortune of playing Georgia this season, he would have very likely proved it, or at least been given ample opportunity to try. Perhaps then he would have won the Heisman, which perhaps always will be reserved for offensive players. Huge edge to the Irish, who have proven that they tackle well, and that they almost always do it when it’s legal.

The Irish have the best tight end in the country, Tyler Eifert. Not only did he average one touchdown a month, but he grabbed 3.6 balls a game. That’s almost four. But wait, there’s more. Eifert led Notre Dame to 21 points against Boston College, 13 against Stanford (in regulation), 13 against Michigan, 22 against USC, 20 against Michigan State, 17 against BYU, and 20 against Pittsburgh (in regulation). Of course, they also rang up 38 against stingy Wake Forest, who the very next week only gave up a paltry 58 to the Vanderbilt offensive juggernaut. But then again, Vandy has a decent tight end, too, so the Commodores would beat Alabama maybe worse than Notre Dame is going to, maybe.

Notre Dame has a player who will be the second linebacker taken in the draft. Alabama has never in its entire history played against and beaten a linebacker who has been the second linebacker taken in the draft. Look it up for yourselves, because it might actually be true. Alabama has beaten the first linebacker taken and the third linebacker taken. But never in its illustrious history has it managed to beat the second one. At least we don’t think it has because we didn’t look it up. But you never know.

The Irish know how to win close games, because close games is all they ever play. And teams that play the most close games always win, because they are always better than teams who maybe only play three close games and then beat the absolute hell out of everyone else. Study your history. It’s true. Teams that win by blowouts are not nearly as good, historically, as teams that escape by the skin of their teeth. Because they don’t play as many close games, and the lack of experience in that regard makes it a certainty that they don’t know how to win close games.

Notre Dame beat Stanford, who is just like Alabama only except they are maybe way smarter overall. The Cardinal also has a nickname that is singular instead of plural, which makes them equal to Alabama in that regard. And plus they’re smarter. Their players know all the teams whose nickname is singular. And they also know that Notre Dame’s nickname – Fighting Irish – can technically be considered either singular or plural, depending on how many Irish people show up for the fight. Stanford, despite what you see on television when you watch them, is just as big and fast as Alabama and besides, they play smarter than Alabama does because they’re smarter people with smarter parents than all of Alabama’s players except for maybe Barrett Jones – and he’s overrated. If Notre Dame can beat a team that is smarter than Alabama, and who is just as big and fast as Alabama, and who has a singular nickname like Alabama, and who has a very smart center who is not overrated like Barrett Jones is overrated, then Notre Dame will beat Alabama, too. And it won’t even take overtime to do it.

As you can see, Alabama has little chance of winning its third national title in four years. The facts are too heavily in Notre Dame’s favor. If only Alabama’s offensive line could tackle, it may have had a fighting chance.

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  • finebammer

    the only real reason alabama loses: we continue to try and set up the run with the pass.

    note to doug nussmeier: you have the best run-blocking line in recent college football history. the best running backs in the country. ‘bama’s identity on offense is running the ball. (see second half, SECCG) pitt blew holes in the vaunted fighting altarboy buggers defensive front a truck could drive through.

    protect the defense.


  • BradT

    I guess this guy does not ever read what he has written to make sure that it makes sense. “The Bulldog front wall made several drive-saving tackles, including one
    on Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosely – a perfect form tackle during Todd
    Gurley’s fourth-quarter touchdown run that put the Dogs up by three.” I think he meant “The Bulldog front wall made several drive- saving BLOCKS, including one on Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosely — a perfect form BLOCK during Todd Gurley’s fourth-quarter touchdown run that put the Dogs up by three.” I’m not going to waste my day copying and pasting, but I would spend a little more time proofreading to make sure that my post at least makes sense. The only way Alabama loses is by turnovers or by reasons listed on Ray’s post. And no self-respecting southerner would ever refer to UGA as the “Dogs”, rather the familiar “Dawgs”. Nice try, but the Irish are @ about the level of the ’08 Alabama team. They are probably good enough to keep it interesting, but they haven’t been on this big a stage in a while and their opponent will be making their 3rd appearance in the past 4 years.

    • William Boot

      I believe the word “tackle” was used for the purpose of sarcasm. I’m just guessing though.

      • Richard Walker

        Think tackling might refer to some times when Georgia O-line was holding. Definitely tongue in cheek. I got a few laughs out it once I realized that. Looking forward to seeing that over rated Barrett drive the 2nd linebacker to be selected in the draft into the end zone and flat on his ND butt while Lacy, Yeldon, Cooper and Norwood put up the points. RTR

        • William Boot

          I am looking forward to that also. I really think it will be a good game. By “good game, I mean decisive Bama victory.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thatvoiceguy Ken Scott

      Yeah… if you notice the Title above the photo;

      “Home » Humor » Why Notre Dame Will Win the BCS Championship Game Against Alabama” you will notice the second word is “Humor”. This article is completely tongue in cheek. And pretty funny when you take that into account.

  • RTRAtl

    Pretty darn weak- I’m sure it was done ‘tongue-in-cheek’, but, JUST DAM,..
    Bama has a better D and definitely a better O. Going for 15- RTR!

  • Gary

    Would love to see a video compilation of Georgia’s offense tackling.

  • Travis Burnett

    Seriously how can you people read this article and not realize how sarcastic it is being intentionally? Do yourself a favor and study up on this new crazy form of humor, perhaps reference the immortal South Park episode “Sarcastiball”, or hang out with some friends from Stanford but not Barrett Jones, because he’s overrated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.bobbie Jerry Morris


  • disqus_SidkD8Ci5u

    Listen Irish Lover, as a USC fan who visited Notre Dame’s campus 18 months ago with its beautiful creme-colored brick buildings and immaculate “groundskeeping” and lovely panorama surrounded by the eye sore that is South Bend, Indiana, my respect and adoration for your university grew. I love and appreciate the class of your fans, alumni and supporters and I even loved your Irish Nachos at the Touchdown Club and seeing the statues and landmarks of this great school. Having a beer at Corgy’s was the cherry on the sundae as I spoke with the owner as a Trojan and was not beaten senseless which can occur in other towns.So let me say, I love the movie, “Rudy” and I love underdogs, particularlry those who do amazing things, like Franz Klammer’s downhill run, the US Hockey win at Lake Placid, and even Lance Armstrong’s personally exhibited testimony of how performance-enhancing drugs, even though they lead to testicular cancer, can keep you competitive. So feel my words Irish when I say, you may be making a big mistake stepping onto the field with Alabama. No doubt, I’ll be cheering for you in the game, I really will, but unless there is some genius in your game plan, or you plan to put zanax in Bama’s water coolers, you need to prepare mentally for the beating you are about to take. When I first saw the line-up, I felt horror as I saw your program taking its final dive, as this beating will provide the SEC knuckle-draggers with even more “verbal ammo” to tell the rest of us how inferior we are, and use it to out-recruit us. What’s at stake is not only providing the SEC with the ability to recruit the dumb players, but moreover, an embarrassing and lop-sided loss may seal the deal of attracting the more intellectual athletes as well, because these giant programs will draw the giant TV contracts, ratings and dollars. It is no secret the SEC recruits and plays semi-literate athletes for “foo-bawl,” but an embarrassing loss on national TV will send a message to athletes that unless you want to look stupid in front of 60 million people, you better sign with an SEC team. Ironic, yes? The 614 yards in that Fiesta Bowl loss will pale in comparison to this beating as you may destroy your ability to recruit in the south, permanently. This will send a legendary sports program into the annals of history. I pray I am wrong, but if this terrible beating takes place, you will not be able to recruit in marquise states where athletes will view Notre Dame as a secondary tier football program. I am hoping for your sake, Nic Sabin is catholic.

  • Mark McCarthy

    @Disqus: That is a pretty nice note, I must say, and it prompted me to comment. As a Notre Dame fan, I am pleased that you were able to experience a good Fall afternoon on that beautiful campus. Thanks for your complimentary tone in that regard.

    I guess we (ND fans) all share your concern that an Alabama blow out would fuel the SEC fans into a wild, self-serving frenzy of chest-thumping. It could happen. But thankfully, college football ebbs and flows, year by year, decade by decade. I recall great Alabama-Notre Dame games in the past in which one team won, then the other team the next year or two. Same with ND vs Texas, and ND and Miami, and FSU. And there have been many great games between the Irish and USC. But coaches come and go, victories and losses pile up. Nothing irrevocable will happen if ND wins or loses. Saban might leave, Tiffin may or may not produce. Things change quicker than we’d like to believe.

    ND is indeed lucky to have a crack at this NC game. But they will be no worse of a team next year or the year after regardless of what happens January 7th. Sure, it is hard to recruit out of the sunbelt and always will be. A few northern schools, though, will always be hanging around to challenge the southern schools– don’t ever count out OSU, PSU, Michigan, and ND– there are a lot of people in the north and we play football up here, too.

    I have watched a ton of football this year, including many Alabama games, USC games, a few Oregon games…I really don’t believe any top team is that much better than the next one. I could be wrong. I’m no expert. But I sure have enjoyed anticipating this game, and no doubt, it will be the most watched college football game in recent history. Hang in there, Notre Dame. You just might win one for the Gipper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/quez.mckiever Quez Mckiever

    Whatever it all about rolltide Let’s go Roll Tide. The tide is rolling