Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Kevin Norwood (83) runs agianst Auburn Tigers cornerback Chris Davis (11) during the fourth quarter at Jordan Hare Stadium. John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

10 Reasons Things Are Okay, Even After The Iron Bowl

The Auburn Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide Saturday evening. And yet, I was as surprised as anyone when the sun rose on Sunday. Even more surprising, I was not nearly as despondent as I was certainly expecting. And then it occurred to me why:

  1. We’ve had one of the most unprecedented runs in college football history. Three national titles in four years? Our letdown is an 11-1 season, heading into the bowl? A top tier recruiting class waiting to take the field in the first playoff year of the NCAA? Life is good.
  2. The Iron Bowl is the Rivalry of Rivalries. In what will go down as one of the most unbelievable, improbable games in college football history, the Iron Bowl showed why it’s the best rivalry game there is. Hours after Michigan and Ohio State concluded a really solid exciting game for the ages, the Iron Bowl said, “Awww. Adorable. Watch this.”
  3. Cade Foster’s supporters. When Twitter started lighting up with idiots sending him death threats, Bama Nation responded by supporting him and calling out the fools. Remember when Ryan Pflugner shanked an extra point against Michigan in the Orange Bowl in 2000? Or when Ed Scissum put the ball on the turf against Auburn in 1997? Poor guys probably replay that in their heads all the time. The same caliber of moron no doubt shouted the same drivel about them, only it fell dead in their den walls. The rage monsters tend to forget about all that these fellows have done over the years for the Tide. The classless spewers just didn’t have Twitter to spread their Southern Comfort-fueled rage at the speed of light.
  4. Did I mention three national titles in four years?
  5. Auburn being relevant is good for Bama. Remember the noise around last year’s 49-0 drubbing of the Tigers? No, you don’t because there was none. As much as it may kill us, Auburn being good is good for us. Yes, we’ll lose some. But we’ll win more, and those wins become all the more satisfying. While we may sometimes say we’d like Auburn to regress to a 1-AA program, the fact is Superman needs Lex Luthor.
  6. We’re upset about an 11-1 season. 11-1. South Carolina held a 20th anniversary celebration of their 10-2 Black Magic Season in 2004. We fire 10-win coaches. Enjoy greatness.
  7. AJ McCarron. Dude rode out of Jordan-Hare with the class you would expect of a leader. Whoever we get in January – odds are Clemson – I expect a 2011 Capital One Bowl-style response, in which we dismantled Michigan State, and not a 2009-Sugar Bowl-style letdown where an upstart Utah team rolled over a deflated Bama squad.
  8. Hey, quick history lesson – we’ve won three of the last four national titles.
  9. If Ohio State and Florida State win next Saturday, they will most likely play for the title. Thus, you can blame Auburn for not keeping the SEC streak alive.
  10. And lastly, there is still a very slim chance we play for the title. Remember this scene in Dumb and Dumber:

So if Duke beats Florida State and Michigan State beats Ohio State, we most likely get the winner of the SEC title game. Okay, so the Duke thing is the least likely thing to happen. So what next? How about a Mizzou win and the BCS give a final flick of the finger to the fans and let us go ahead of Mizzou? I’m for it. Roll Tide. See you in Miami. If not Pasadena.

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  • Greg Duke

    It is why you play the game, and pundits do not automatically set up the bowl games, regardless of what people write on these pages. We have had two years in a row where strange and unbelievable games have changed the course for Bama, so why should 2013 be any different? Yes, it is a challenge for Duke, but, this is not our fathers’ Duke University. Remember the ISU win over OSU (Okie State)? Giving Aubie a year of yapping, augmented by every tv station replaying the end of the Iron Bowl, is tough for us Bammers. We still hear their chant of “punt, Bama, punt”, at every opportunity. So, is there an Iron Bowl ll in 2013 season? Will Bama wait for 365 to right the ship and get the Earth back into the correct orbit? Who knows. But as for me and my household, our Bama flags fly proudly in the Tennessee air with resounding chants of “Roll Tide”. Greg Duke

  • Dee

    Well Said and i also found myself not nearly and disappointed as i would of normally been in years past with a lost to Awbarn. Yes, there are tons of questions that need to be ansered like, Where in the heck was Drake for 3 quarters????

    • Greg Duke

      I was wondering the same thing. Drake rushed 4 times for 33 yards, in the first quarter, and then, never to be seen again. Why? TJ is a great RB, but since his ankle injury, has not bee as quick as Drake. With Auburn’s porous defense, especially against the pass, why did the offensive coach not use our elite receiving corp + AJ to shred the Auburn defense, instead of running the ball. Why, in the last moments of the game, with 2 time outs remaining, would you run the ball instead of passing to someone like Norwood or Cooper? Georgia passed for enormous yards against Auburn in the remaining 11 minutes of their game, but we did not pay attention to this? Why not a spread offense on the 4th and 1 play for a run or preferably a pass, instead of a bunch formation, which telegraphed our play? I realize that these are Monday morning QB calls, but I was shocked when they occurred, and complained about the lame, conservative play calling throughout the game.

  • Dawn Thornton

    Don’t forget that our relatives from our long history at the U of A have said over and over again “We have nothing to win by playing them and they have everything to gain when we do, but we have everything to lose!”

  • Outlaw

    Did AJ really ride out of JHS with class? He ran off the field immediately after the game without shaking hands with anyone. He was off the field before any of the AU fans rushed the field. He showed bad sportsmanship and I would call that classless

    • NashVillan

      You’re a dumbass….I was on the team at UA and someone threw a Jack Daniels bottle at me but it hit a reporter next to me and sent her to the hospital. AJ was escaping the CLASSLESS Auburn fans.

      • asdf

        Every team has bad fans. grow up.

      • Randy Harris

        Did you actually SEE who threw the Jack Daniels bottle? That could have just as easily been one of your fans throwing it as an AU fan. After all, it’s YOUR fans that have been tweeting threats to your kicker, and it was a UA fan who threw a brick through Bill Curry’s office window when he was the coach there, so you have a history of bad fans yourself. Whoever threw it I hope got caught and was prosecuted. That’s bullshit, I don’t care what fan base one supports.

        • NashVillan

          The visitor’s tunnel was in the Auburn student section… I doubt seriously an Alabama fan would be sitting there much less throwing liquor bottles at their OWN TEAM!!

    • BamaHammer

      He may have been trying to avoid being hit with human remains, as in this clip:

    • JDM

      I became an AU fan when Shug Jordan was coach and live in Tuscaloosa so I should have some comment credibility. AJ always goes to where his mom is immediately after the game or as soon as he is able when there are interviews to be done. She was at field level near the end zone. He ran over there and probably left the field at that point. There were very few after game interviews on the field. Since students rushed the field almost immediately there was little time for anything between the players and, in this crazy world today, as a player on the losing team it made good sense to leave the field as soon as possible. There’s never been an anecdotal story or newspaper account of AJ conducting himself with anything but class. AU fans need to relish the victory for the next 365 days, look forward to the SEC game, and not worry about what UA people did or didn’t do. BTW, enjoyed reading the article.

  • Ray

    Ohio State vs. Michigan is a bigger rivalry game…..nice try bama fans….hahaha have fun watching the nation title game.

    • J. D.

      Everyone has their own opinion, but I would say those who share yours are far outnumbered. Compared to the Iron Bowl and Army/Navy.

    • rollbama17

      Wow dude…seriously. They miss one title game and u really have the nerve to say ‘have fun watching the game’…that we’ve not only been playing in, but WINNING every yr? If anything they may need a BREAK from hoisting all the damn crystal footballs that u can go see in the trophy case right outside Saban’s office. Hell if ur nice he might even let u touch one of the several rings on his desk too:-) Some ppl are jus unreal.

      • Randy Harris

        How can anyone touch a ring on Saban’s finger when you Bammers are too busy kissing it?

    • Respect is Earned

      And you sir, have fun watch the national title game too.
      Auburn Fan :D
      P.s. Kudos to Bama for a great game. Every team gets tough breaks.

    • Nathan Blackwell

      So check this as I’ve said before I’m a long time Auburn fan but I would never take it this far to say “have fun watching the title game.” One that’s just showing you have very little sportsmanship. Two Ohio State vs. Michigan is top five but if you seen in the past decade the most watched and most popular rivalry game has been The Iron Bowl so therefore your argument is invalid sir or ma’am. Three, where were you taught proper grammar? Because it seems like you are the most illiterate on this forum right now. It must be horrible for me, a long time residence of Alabama and from a small town down south, to be completely schooling you in how to properly talk/type/spell? I feel bad for whomever calls you their parent because they obviously didn’t raise you right. Have you ever heard of the word respect…? No? Well go find a Websters Dictionary and you might learn a few things in respect my good friend.

  • Ray

    You lost to your bitter rivals…and you say your okay with it….

  • pointblank598

    Can’t wait to see the “10 Reasons Nick Saban Leaving for UT is a Good Thing” Article.

    • Pamela Trammell

      Oh, that one’s coming! Only it won’t be Nick, as he just got a contract extention with a HUGE raise, that he rightly deserves. Did you know that Gus is from Irving, Tx?

  • Nathan Blackwell

    Hey everyone big time Auburn fan here. Not coming to rain hell down on you guys for losing. I actually wanted to say thanks for an amazing Iron Bowl experience. If it weren’t for the fans of these two Legendary Football teams we wouldn’t be the rivalry of rivalries! Yeah you guys lost no big deal thought right? If I know Bama they aren’t taking a breather. They are hitting it hard just in case they get the call. Keep your head up Bammers and we’ll see you next year for yet another great game in the Iron Bowl. This time we’re coming to y’all’s house! So if I’m not deployed by then I’ll see you guys over in T-Town for what looks like to be another great season for both of our teams!

    War Eagle!